Odd One Out

I enjoy the comprehensiveness of the stats counter that WordPress uses on my blog. On blogger, or at least when I was on it, if you wanted stats, you had to install them yourself, and even then, it was more hit and miss as to whether or not you would actually get anything back that was worth using.

Ah, but here, I can see so many cool things. Most of all, I like that since my site is immediately included in Google searches, I can see the various search terms that people use to find their ways here.

A whole hell of a lot of y’all find your way here via searches for “autism quotes;” did you know that?

One phrase that particularly caught my eye was this: “quotes of hope from an asperger’s kid.” I’d like to think that the person who put that one in was either a parent of an aspie kid, or an aspie kid themselves.

So then I wonder to myself whether or not these quotes that they’re looking for are concerning Asperger’s syndrome itself, or just hope.

Either way, I’d like to think that the quotes on my quote page include both information about AS and hope; effectively combining the two.

Another phrase that I got back was “What does Odd One Out mean?

And I thought I’d give a short definition/explanation of that one too.

Odd One Out is a term to use for the person who is always the one left out of everything.  If people have to get into teams, then you’re the last to be picked, either because the numbers are already right on both sides, or for other various reasons.  They say that “three’s a crowd.”  Well, a pair works well together, and sometimes three does as well, but when it doesn’t, you are the odd one out, because wherever the other two are mentally, you’re just not there.

Being the Odd One Out, means you’re always the last to get something–be it a joke or whatever.  Often, you are the joke.  You always come up with the ideas outside of that moment’s “norm.”  In fact, you are outside the norm yourself.

And for those of us in that place, we have three choices.  We can either:

  1. figure out a way to fix it
  2. be miserable
  3. get used to it and embrace what makes us different, as also what makes us Us.

At that point, the only problems originate from other people who think that we should be another way.  As for me, I’m happy where I am.  I just wish that other people could see it too, and stop trying to fix me.  Sure, there are day to day things that I’m always working on, but the essence that is ME, doesn’t change.

~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Odd One Out”

  1. I agree with your description of “odd one out”. I have been the odd one out my whole life. As a child, it hurt. As a teen, it was cool. As an adult, I’ve learned that my best coping strategy is to make MYSELF the odd one out. If there is a joke to be made, I’m making it about myself before anyone else can.

    I often get compliments on my “crazy sense of humor” as a result! 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the sense of humor thing. I’m always dropping jokes on every subject imaginable. I can make more jokes about myself than you’ll think up in an hour. I might as well be a duck- I walk like one and I go, “Quack, Quack, Quack” all day. 😛

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