Worthwhile Places To Visit

There was a phrase I coined a while ago that never exactly got off the ground, but which I always liked nonetheless: “Linkwander.” It refers to a person who travels through the Internet by just clicking on random links of interest and seeing just where that path takes them.

I do that occasionally, and as a result, I find a lot of interesting places online.

I thought today that I might point out some of those places that I have linked to on my sidebar. You might notice that there are a fair amount of places that I have linked, and if you’ve been around this blog for more than a week, you should have noticed that the number of places linked grows by one or two nearly every few days.

If you were here a month ago, you might remember that I had a category called “Autistic Spectrum Particulars.” As you can see, it’s not there anymore. The reason is because I decided that this entire blog (or nearly so) is an “Autistic Spectrum Particular;” so there wasn’t any reason to have the category, but rather more important to include its sub-categories. I also decided to stop having so many of the links doubled by putting them in multiple categories. Sure, there are a few that are still like that, but for the majority of them, they are not.

  • Blogroll

    I think that one of my favorite and most visited blogs is The Quirk Factor. The blog is about a woman who has a six year old boy with either High-Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. I can’t remember at this particular moment (and I’m not motivated enough to check). She is a very good writer; very descriptive and humorous to read. I always enjoy her posts.

      In the realm of humor, I recently happened along another blog that touches my funny nerve. He posted a comment on here, allowing me to discover him. His blog is called Discussions and Nonsense; like me, he is defined as an adult, but is guided very much by a younger spirit/consciousness. In addition, he is also descriptive; giving me the details necessary to envision his stories with a certain crispness that I find lacking in other realms.

      NTs are Weird is written by a man on the spectrum who is very intelligent and often produces thought provoking posts. In addition, he has several pages that have provided me help concerning Executive Dysfunction; something that I feel sure I must have, since I have most of the same problems that he has.

      There are many blogs that I have found that are written by parents of those on the spectrum. Other than The Quirk Factor, I have also linked Stop. Think. Autism, Life With Aspergers and The Joy of Autism.

      There are also many blogs out there that are written by people on the spectrum. Other than NTs are Weird, another good one is Whose Planet Is It Anyway? Which is written by the Autistic Bitch from Hell (ie – one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever read). Speaking of intelligence, Autism Diva really has the market on that aspect. She writes on everyday issues of autism that help me to better understand subjects that I am often confused on. I also enjoy reading Amanda’s blog, Ballastexistenz. Biodiverse Resistance is written by another smart blogger. He also reads this blog and leaves me nice comments. 🙂 So he’s extra special in that regards. I have a friend on Wrong Planet with the username of “Strapples.” He has a website as well, that I have linked to under his name, “Alin.” Donna William’s Blog is written by a published author on the spectrum. She’s involved in a lot of places associated with autism online. I keep “running into her,” so to speak, but whether she recognizes me is another factor altogether. Jim Sinclair is one of the older autistics out there, with some of the first online writings on autism. I also have Tony Attwood’s Asperger’s Homepage. If you don’t know, Tony Attwood is one of the foremost experts on Asperger’s Syndrome, and also, from what I can tell from reading online, a generally nice guy. He wrote the book, “The Complete Guide To Asperger’s Syndrome“; a very good book, in my personal opinion.

      In addition to the blogs mentioned already, there are also some blogs written by some friends of mine that I made over at the now mostly defunct site called “Backwash.” The idea of the site was that since there are so many different people out there, there should be different types of people writing different types of columns to help represent those people, and to help them find writers that they liked. Or in more succinct terms, it was “Internet Organized by Personality.” Like here, my column there was called “Odd One Out.” That’s where I got my profile pic which appears on my about page; like me, some of these friends kept their column names for their blog names. After all, some of us had been at the site for a number of years. This January would have marked my 6 year anniversary. These friends’ pages are: Anything Under the Sun, Digital Dharma and Ordinary Photography (he has two different sites), Patricia Paris, Suburban Diva, That Grrl, and last but not least, Uncouth Heathen. There are more sites, but I haven’t gotten around to linking them all yet. I’m actually thinking about providing a separate sub-category just for them. 🙂

      Finally, last but not least, are the sites that have to do with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome itself. There’s a new site called All Things Aspergers; which is done by someone I also know on Wrong Planet. It looks like it should be promising in another month or so; so I’ll keep checking in every so often to see how it’s coming along. There’s also Aspergian Pride, which is also a good source. Plus, let’s not forget the all important Neurodiversity Blog, which is full of excellent information.

      The last link under the blogroll category is the one called, “My Micropreemie Nephew,” which is about my only nephew and my mother’s only grandbaby (and thus the cutest kid in the world) named Woodrow Xavier Hobbs. He was born 4 months early weighing only 1 pound and 4 ounces. The site is my brother’s chronicle of the story of my nephew’s life. If you go back to May ’06, you can read about him from the beginning. He’s a miracle baby.

        There. Consider that my Christmas present to all of you. 🙂

        ~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 24, 2007.

        5 Responses to “Worthwhile Places To Visit”

        1. Ah. I’m actually, technically, a “he”. Being mistaken for female doesn’t bother me, as i don’t really have an “internal” gendr identity (one of the reasons i identify as “genderqueer”, but also something i strongly suspect to be an autistic thing), but it does amuse me, what with the very obvious beard for those who have seen me in real life. Maybe i should put a photo of myself on my blog…

          Actually, i think my username might have something to do with it – i picked the name of one of my favourite deities partly because that deity embodies a particular (sexually submissive) ideal of maleness, but also androgyny at the same time, but given that His name starts with a sound similar to “she” and ends in the traditionally-feminine-in-European-languages ending -a, it’s easy enough to misinterpret as female to those not familiar with Hindu theology…

          It’s also a pretty easy mistake to make because, for some reason, the vast majority of verbose autistic bloggers are female (Joel Smith is about the only exception i can think of). And, y’know, i talk about feminism a lot and stuff. I must write a post about autism and gender identity…

          (I hope i haven’t embarrassed you with that! Thanks for the recommendation, anyway 🙂 )

        2. Oops. The only shiva that I know is the one from the Batman stories, and she’s a she. 🙂


        3. *Big Smooches*
          You’re so sweet.
          Jaysen does have “HFA” for what it’s worth, he also has Tourette Syndrome, and me for a Mom. Poor kid. 😉

          Your blog is so valuable in so many ways, ncluding the wealth of knowledge linked all over it. I could seriously spend all day, just linkwandering your blog alone!

        4. Thanks. Naw, poor the rest of us for not having you as a mom. 🙂

          Double thanks. I just keep finding nifty links that I keep just having to link to. I’m a researcher first and foremost in everything I do. And I think if I were in a magical land, my talent would be “finding things.” I can find nearly anything if given enough time. It’s a gift that I’ve had in all aspects of my life.

        5. The information provided by you is really good and i got some useful info from your site.

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