What’s Your Pig Say?

I admit it. I have a certain weakness towards personality tests. *hangs head*

I happened to be on my main religious site earlier this morning, when I ran across an interesting site.

It’s called “Draw a Pig Personality Test.”

Here are my results.

Edited to say that these were my results from earlier today . . . errrrrrr (note the fact that there are 7 r’s exactly) . . .

Here are my NEW results.

And then I got weirder on the 30th of December, and started drawing pigs on other sites. For example, meet Pinoinkchio.

You should note though that they reduce the final size of the piggy when done so your piggy won’t look exactly like it did when you drew it.

Other personality tests of interest are:

Click on the shape that you find most appealing
Personality Color Test
World’s Shortest Personality Test
Pick your favorite pic
Draw a Picture and Get a Free Personality Test
(my results from that one)

You Are Batman

Billionaire playboy by day. Saving the world by night .
. . . as Superman’s boyfriend (improved–edited by lastcrazyhorn)

~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 28, 2007.

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