I recently added a new special interest to my already impressive list.

Quad Rugby.

Fall So then why do I have the word “Murderball” in the title?

Sometimes it goes by that name too; problem is, that name isn’t very

Andy Cohn

Some folks might try to think of these guys as being “like” athletes, but I beg to differ. The only person here who is “like” an athlete is me.

Speaking of “Murderball,” you should also know that it’s the name of a movie/documentary that’s really worth the time to see. That’s how I’m suddenly finding myself researching this sport. The guy with the blond hair is Andy Cohn. He was on the 2002, 2004 and 2006 Paralympics team. He was also in Murderball.

Now, from what I understand, every player is ranked on a point scale according to their movement/mobility abilities. Then, with that point system in place, teams are only allowed a maximum of 8 points on the field at any time, with only 4 players at any time. There are also several FAQs scattered throughout the internet that are worth reading.

Being an American, I find myself most interested in the US Quad team. There is also a site where you can read about all of the athletes involved in the Paralympics. As for the 2008 Rugby team, we shall once again be seeing Andy Cohn, along with a few other familiars (like Zupan). It takes some searching, but it is possible to find Beijing’s page on the Paralympics and on Rugby.

I suppose another reason that this resonates more heavily with me is because a few days ago, I had a major flare-up with my back as a result of an old tail bone injury, and suddenly found that even the slightest movements caused unexplainable anguish. I think that it’s likely that many of these folks had more mobility than I did for those few days; and flare-up or not, I’m pretty sure that they are all stronger than me.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on January 6, 2008.

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