So . . . I Turn 24 This Year

Like in a weekish.

Like as in April 6th of this year.

Next Sunday.

Now, my family seems devoted to just giving me some cash for my birthday, and that’s awesome, but more than likely, it’ll end up being spent on stuff that I need vs. stuff that I want. This is why I have an Amazon wishlist. You know, I really think that people could be evaluated for aspie status just by having them form a wishlist and then letting a psychiatrist (known online many places as a p-doc) analyze it. That would be a good study, I think.


But lastcrazyhorn, aren’t you afraid of stalkers finding you via your wishlist?

No. The way I figure it is this: you all already know what town I’m in if you look up my university. The address listed on my wishlist is only a P.O. box; so I’m covered that way too. Plus, I use the name “lastcrazyhorn” as my identifier. So, meh.

My dad came down from where he lives in Sapulpa, Ok yesterday (now you can stalk him *rolls eyes*). My parents are divorced–have been since I was 12 and separated since I was 10. They separated when my mother finished her Ph.D from Oklahoma University back in 1994, after an arduous job search that resulted in her getting hired out in North Carolina at Gardner-Webb University. Go ahead; stalk her. You’ll be bored, I promise. *laughs* Her more than hobby, less than job interest is cemeteries. She goes to conferences at least twice a year to study them with other people. Otherwise, she just goes tramping through them on her own. She’s interested in what’s written on the tombstones, as well as the stones themselves and the ways in which people choose to have the dead memorialized (there are some weird ways out there too, trust me).

We have framed tombstone rubbings on our walls at home and at her office. She even teaches a Death class every so many semesters at her school. The rest of the time, she teaches American Literature (mostly pre-1900).

Perseverations anyone?

I’m pretty sure she’s not an aspie, but she does have her tendencies. Certain noises bother her (ones that never bother me, strangely enough); she hates Walmart because it’s too busy and in her words, “everyone’s always screaming at me;” she obsessed with gravestones and family history; she’s highly gifted on the piano and in writing . . . yeah.

My dad . . . is definitely somewhere on the high-functioning end of the spectrum. I’m pretty sure my grandfather is too. Put it this way: my dad got his masters in social work. He works for the Oklahoma DSS, but not as a social worker, but as a programs analysist. He taught himself all that computer stuff and worked his way up back in the days of the green screened monitors and all that. Need I say more? My Grandfather’s obsessive tendencies are mainly focused in OU Sooners athletics and Alice in Wonderland.

Anyways, that was a long tangent; but as Barb from awalkabout said to me today, I’ve not really mentioned my family very much. I have two brothers as well. Did you know that? And my father’s remarried; so I have a step-mom and three step sisters . . . one with my own name even *raises an eyebrow*. I’m the youngest.

Of the five members of my direct family (me, mama, dad and two brothers), there are four different states represented. I mean, seriously. *rolls eyes and laughs* The last time all five of us lived in the same house was when I was 6 . . . my oldest brother (I’ll borrow Awalkabout’s method of keeping family straight and just call him Mr. Physics–his master’s program) and my father have had issues for as long as I can remember. They were getting better there for a while, and then some shit happened and now . . . not so much. As a result, during Mr. Physics’s senior year of high school, he just split and spent the rest of the year living on different friends’ couches. Mr. Physics is 11.5 years older than me. I was 9 when my other brother (Lawyer Dude) went to college (in Oregon, no less). When he went, he went. Lawyer Dude didn’t really come back much (any?) after that. He now lives in Minnesota with his wife and nearly 2 year old son, Little Dude.

But finally back to what I was saying. *rubs a hand over face and sighs* My dad came down. I got lunch out of it, an LED Sound Sensor Light Bar “toy,” a game of black light putt-putt and a new pair of shoes out of it. I got New Balance shoes for the first time ever. They’re green and light green, and they’re 578 Classics, should you feel like googling them. Boy, and I see why they have the name “Balance” in them. As soon as I put them on, I felt more balanced; plus they kept my feet from turning odd ways (loose joints, hi), and the correct stance they made my feet work in resulted in a feeling that went all the way up my legs and into my spine. It wasn’t a bad feeling, just different.

As for why I put the word “toy” in quotations is because I could totally see myself using that thing in a music therapy setting, especially if I end up working with the hearing impairment population. The light toy reacts to sounds and vibrations. It also has a sensitivity gauge that you can adjust for different sound environments. If the sound just barely registers, then only the middle bars light up; if it’s a little louder, then the middle plus the ones surrounding light up and so on.

It also stands to reason that for those of us with problems regulating our voice volumes (I tend to talk too quietly), it could also help give us a visual of where we needed to be (since I can’t rely on my internal sensor).

Hm. I didn’t mean to end up talking about my family the entire time.

Guess it was needed.

Oh well, there you have it. Don’t forget to visit my wishlist, should you desire. *smiles sweetly at you* 😀 Plus, if you go there, you’ll see what I mean about aspies and wishlists . . .

BTW, I’m also part of the “Blogging for Autism Awareness Month” initiative. I mean, ’cause I don’t do that anyway? Check out the button graphic on my side bar. *points* It’ll lead you to a list of those of us participating. Join in! Don’t be left out! It’s in April. Strange that my birthday should be the same month.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on March 29, 2008.

13 Responses to “So . . . I Turn 24 This Year”

  1. Ohhhh i am obsessed with making lists. I make lists of everything. I can relate to money being spent on needs not wants.

    I still have saved somewhere a list of cat names. It was fun to make. It was before I got Kizzie, but i had the kids at the fitness centre kids room help me. They had a blast helping me 🙂 its a good laugh. Perhaps i should dig it out some time. 🙂

    Oh and of cource happy early birthday but I will wish it on your birthday 🙂

  2. Name lists are always fun. It’s funny to see the names that some people would use . . . which I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole – lol.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Me too…cemeteries, that is. Got hooked in college and continued through grad school. There’s a faithful following of cemetery folk, but it’s a fairly small club. I probably met your mom at a conference once…

    I enjoy your blog. 🙂

    Darcy (asdmommy)

  4. American Culture Society and the Association for Gravestone Studies are her big two. She has a bumper sticker that says “I brake for old graveyards” on the back of her car.

    Are you in either two?

    And thanks. 🙂

  5. Well thanks for giving me credit, V. My birthday too is in April. See we have a lot in common! 🙂

  6. I love makeing list too!
    I can see autism all over my family, we didnt realise this until my son was diagnosed and we were given a name for everyones behaviour!!!
    Must go and check your wishlist out.

  7. You’re welcome!

    And thanks for reading and checking stuff out casdok!

  8. My birthday’s in April too, the 26th to be exact. And i’m 26 this year, which is a nice sort of symmetry, but makes me feel scarily and depressingly old, in the “I really need to do something with my life” kind of sense.

    I didn’t know April was Autism Awareness Month, thanks. I knew April 2nd was “World Autism Awareness Day”, but wasn’t sure who was behind it. I’ll join the list of autism awareness bloggers – i need to write some more directly autism-related posts than i have recently anyway…

    My parents both have sort-of-Aspie-esque traits as well, although i don’t think either of them has enough for a formal diagnosis. But i can sort of see how my mum’s traits and my dad’s traits were combined and amplified in me (possibly my premature and “difficult” birth might have done some of the amplification), so that i was not the first in the family to have autistic traits, but just the first to be “diagnosable-level” autistic, if that makes sense…

    Then again, i think it’s possible for non-autistic parents to develop autistic traits as a result of bringing up autistic children as well. I’ll have to blog about that one at some point…

  9. Interesting. You’re not doing anything with your life??? I wouldn’t have answered that way about you . . .

    Yeah, I can trace the same kind of connections, now that I know what to look for . . . lol

  10. *LOL @ Shiva’s comment* So now I’ve got to worry about my kids making me Aspielicious? Wonderful. 🙂

  11. That tribal drum on your wish-list looks awesome.

  12. It’s called a “djembe.” It’s a type of hand drum, and music therapists use them a lot in their sessions. Plus, they’re seriously fun to beat on!!!

  13. […] addition, as mentioned before, my birthday is very soon. I asked my mother for a weighted vest for my birthday, but she didn’t know what they were. […]

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