I Don’t Know If You’ve Noticed This, But . . .

I’ve added 40 or more links in the past week to this blog’s sidebar.

Some people collect coins (I used to), some people collect baseball cards, or vintage ______; some people collect musical instruments while others collect cars. It just depends what you like and what your financial status is.

Me, I collect links.

My links are all either related to the autistic spectrum in some way/shape/form, or else they’re related to a special interest of mine. On the rare occasion that they’re not one of these two categories, then my reason for its inclusion is purely interest/amusement driven.

For example.

I have two links on my sidebar related to slug porn. No, this is not even mildly related to furries. Have you ever met a furry slug? Ew. The reason I have these linked is because they are beyond hilarious.

I’m fairly positive that the people who made each of these two sites, what I labelled as:

Slug Porn
Sexual Life of Slugs

. . . are probably aspies . . .

Look at the pages and you might understand what I mean.

Here’s a picture on the slug porn site depicting an erect slug penis (don’t ask me . . . I just work here lol).

Speaking of animal peni, there’s this duck, a species of Argentine lake duck called “Oxyura vittata,” that has what may be one of the longest bird penis ever. Well then. I didn’t link that anywhere but here btw.

Why do I know that? One of my friends sent me the link. *rolls eyes*

ABRUPT subject change: Last week, one of my friends, Awalkabout, and I talked about how she was having trouble finding a music therapist in her area. I’ve been suggesting that she try music therapy with her daughter, since her daughter possesses many musical traits naturally and generally seems to really enjoy it. Music therapy has been shown to be particularly beneficial to most people, but especially to those on the autistic spectrum. It’s also non-invasive. It doesn’t hurt. And it’s fun.

People ask me all the time what music therapy is, and I have to admit that giving an explanation of it is hard; but not because I don’t know or because it’s vague, but rather because music therapy can do so many things that it’s hard to narrow it down into a definition. This is my semi-standard response.

“You can do almost anything with music therapy. You can work with any population for any reason. Just think about it; you can do physical therapy through music by having your clients play instruments that are specifically related to certain physical skills. You can do speech therapy through singing or vocalizing. In fact, it’s been shown that people who have problems speaking can often sing, even though they can’t speak.

Also, music therapy is used with elderly populations. It provides social interaction and connections, as well as improving the quality of life for many of these clients. Plus, the parts of the brain that are affected by Alzheimers can still remember music.

It has also been shown in many studies that people on the autistic spectrum have a higher than average rate of musicality than the average Joe on the street. Through music, they can work on speech, motor coordination, social skills, emotional expression, etc. The list goes on.

They use music with premature babies to teach them how to suck, in order to eat. It works too.

And these are just a few examples of the many and varying things that are possible through music. So maybe a better explanation of what music therapy can do with whom, would be: Everything. Anyone.

Thus, while helping her find a music therapist, I ended up finding her music therapy regional website. There is a music therapy conference every year; every other year it’s national and the years in-between are just regionally based. After finding her region’s website, I went on to find the other six. They are all linked down on my sidebar under the category heading that says: “Music Therapy.” Under that same category, there is also a link titled, “Find a music therapist near you.” It’s a great little tool I found that works for those in the US (which is where I am).

In addition, as mentioned before, my birthday is very soon. I asked my mother for a weighted vest for my birthday, but she didn’t know what they were. So I explained them to her and showed her where to find one and whatnot. Well, she responded by sending me a link to one, stating that a great many of the ones that she had found were pretty expensive (like over $100). The one she sent me looked more like the kind of vest you’d wear if, say, you were going fishing and didn’t want anyone to lose track of you. Ugly bright blue. Ugh.

So I did my own search. Granted, I had done a precursory search beforehand, but had never really looked, you know?

First off, we come back to the old (and familiar) problem of people only focusing on children for treatments. In other words, most of the vests I found were only made for children, or they were mostly made for children, but you could specially order an adult sized one if you wanted (at a special price too – *growls*).

And as mentioned before, most of these were really expensive.

Thus, I just started to look for regular weighted vests that weren’t specifically geared for people with sensory disorders. Instantly, the price dropped. The products were the same (they usually looked a little different, but not bad), but the prices were almost 50% lower. Ooo, I like the sound of that!

As for the purpose of the weighted vest, the patent description says it all:

“children having Autism or Down’s syndrome have been found to be calmed and are able to focus for longer periods of time on a specific task when weights are placed on their upper bodies.”

Just for clarification, SPD stands for Sensory Processing Disorders.

Thus, on my sidebar, I now have two categories:

  1. Weighted Vests (for Athletes/Exerciser-but also SPD)
  2. Weighted Vests (for SPD/Autism/Anxiety)

I also put pricing tips next to each of them. Under the 2nd category, I just included any that I could find; but under the first category, I tried to stick with the least expensive. There are more out there though, trust me, that get a lot more expensive. I just figure that if someone is going to buy that kind for the sensory stuff, then they’re probably doing it because they want to go cheap. One other thing that you need to look for when you search for weighted vests is that they are “adjustable.” You want to be able to add and subtract weight, because not everyone reacts to things the same. From what I’ve read, especially with kids, the general weight seems to be around 3 pounds or so.

If you talk to occupational therapists who have tried these things on people with sensory issues, you’ll get back a majority of good responses.

I want to try it, because I always get calmer when I have something heavy on me. I tend to sleep halfway on my stomach with on of my arms under me, pressing against my chest. People say that it looks uncomfortable, but the pressure is so calming, I can’t say that I really notice. Often, my body feels like it’s just floating barely within the constrains of my skin, and that’s when I start feeling pretty wiggy and my tendency towards freaking out gets higher. Thus, I’d really to try a weighted vest.

In addition to the vests in the first category being cheaper, I also tried to find ones that wouldn’t be too noticeable to other people. I wear a vest around a lot anyways, so if I had a slightly different one, I doubt others would mind. Sometimes when I get real wiggy like I was saying before, I’ll sit in an armchair with my legs over the side and put my backpack in my lap and over my chest. I always feel better.

There’s only one more thing about my sidebar that I feel you should look at, and that is the blogroll. That’s where about 20 of the new links ended up. Generally speaking, if you post a comment on my blog, then I’ll take a look at your blog. Provided you have one, and provided that it’s been updated sometime in the recent past, and if I generally like what I see, I’ll link you. And I don’t just link ones dealing with ASDs either; but if your blog deals with a subject that I know NOTHING about, there’s a lower (but not existent) chance of my linking to you.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on April 4, 2008.

21 Responses to “I Don’t Know If You’ve Noticed This, But . . .”

  1. I’m a bit of a link collector, too. Thanks for sharing some of yours 🙂

  2. Slug porn?!!
    Hope you find wheat you are looking for re the Weighted Vests. Or why not create your own?

  3. Yes slug porn. You’ll see what I mean if you click on it.

    Oh, and as for making my own:

    1. Don’t know how
    2. Don’t have materials
    3. Don’t have money for materials
    4. If I ask for one for birthday, then I can still get one, but at not cost to me.


  4. One of the things we learned very early from a great book called The Out of Sync Child by by Carol Stock Kranowitz was the value of pressure. We have a papasan chair and often use the cushion to make human tacos, folding the cushion over with the kid inside and applying gentle pressure across the top (usually another kid). Deep pressure hugs, to, always. (I also recommend The Out of Sync Child has Fun, same author, for great therapy choices.) Will keep you posted on MT search. 🙂

  5. That sounds really nice right now.

    Squish me!!!

  6. Yay, I’m up there!

    I should really get back to scripting (Hope yours is going…well, going.) but I know what you mean about the links. Last month, I tried to clean out my pile of links that I’ve gathered over this year. I gave up after the first few thousand…

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  8. I so could have given you that page for that duck penis 😦
    My friend and I used to go to our uni pond and just watch the ducks do their thing, and after a couple of weeks of doing this on and off, I spotted out of the corner of my eye this pink wormy thing coming out of the duck. I started shrieking, thinking it was the most disgusting squishy duck poo ever, and it extended and extended…and my friend then caught on and we both ran out screaming like idiots. Then we stared at each other going “is that…is that what I think it is?!?”
    So after a moment of composure, we went to the library to start googling and came across that link 🙂

    And why no reply to email? No matter, it takes too long to reply to all of that.

  9. Wow. Where does it all… go, when the duck’s not using it? And what must the female duck’s anatomy be like?

    That’s even weirder than this: http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2008/02/he_loved_pigs_too_much.php

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the suggestion about music therapy. My son has actually been going to music therapy weekly since last August. He enjoys the sessions themselves, although getting him there can be somewhat of a challenge (seems to be a typical 6 year old “I don’t want to do anything mom thinks I should do” attitude, accompanied by lots of yelling and stomping of feet. 🙂

  11. Hi.
    I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for some quotes about autism…I like to collect quotes, like you like to collect links! 🙂 I liked the blog about quotes so much that I just kept on reading!
    I am the mom of a 13 yr old aspie boy and I have appreciated and enjoyed reading your blog. I love all the helpful links too! And I like your idea that we are all on the spectrum somewhere…I have often had the same thought.
    Maybe you could help me with something…my son is in the midst of middle school and is very aware of his differences. I have been trying to help him embrace his Asperger’s and see what an amazing kid he is. He is having a tough time seeing what I see. I tell him that normal is a setting on an appliance, and does not apply to people! Do you have any ideas about how I can help him with that? How did you come to embrace being on the spectrum? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    I realize this is a really long comment…thanks for bearing with me.

  12. Acceptance of one’s Aspie qualities truly starts with true acceptance of one’s self. I developed that before I ever discovered the aspie part of the deal.

    I worked intensively on this for one summer, and have made it a continued part of my existence ever since (that makes it a time period of about 4 years).

    First I established what I things in life I knew to be true–what aspects of the world that I believed in (I went really simple at first, starting with gravity). From there I worked up into who I trusted, what I believed about the world, what I knew to be true of myself.

    Next, I followed up by telling myself I loved myself every day, but I didn’t leave it at that; no, I told myself that I loved myself, but I also said why. I gave myself examples to look at, and in turn, I started to see those examples in real time in real life.

    I think this might be an aspie thing, because I’ve talked with a few others here and there about it. It’s not enough to say something like “I love you,” without explaining why, because so often in life, it is proven to us that people will say one thing, but then do a completely different thing. Not saying that this applies to you personally, but I think that’s just how the thought pattern gets established.

    And you thought your thought was drawn out!

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  14. Ohmigod…slug penis…don’t know why I clicked on it…*ugh*…so glad I’m not a slug.

  15. *snorts*

    My spam filter caught your message . . . *giggles* Probably because of the word “penis.” lol

    And yet you did click on it!!! Hee hee hee.

  16. oh goodness my dad just walked in here asking what i was smiling about… can you imagine if i told him i was reading on the sexual life of slugs?!

    i can always count on you to expose me to new things? lol

  17. Muahahhaaha. You should see some of the referrals I’ve been getting from Google ever since I posted this. lol

  18. wow………..I should probably not have looked at the slug penis and duck penis right before going to bed…………the slug one made me a tad queasy…..normally I’d be laughing my head off……..

    I’m half asleep anyway………..

    Your blog is really interesting……I’ve added a few links this week to my blogroll as well, yours being one of them 🙂


    The Integral of athenivanidx

  19. […] the sort of search terms that people find my other site through. For instance, ever since I made a comment about slug peni, I’ve been getting hits thanks to strange penis related terms. Those can be found here btw. […]

  20. XD Thank you so much for the link to the slug porn website. I haven’t laughed that hard for a while now XD

  21. Anytime. 😀

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