While It May Not Be Visible From The Outside . . .

WordPress just fucked up royally. And I am uber pissed.

First of all, aspies don’t like change anyways, but when you add IDIOCY and RANDOM CHAOS into it all, then we really get pissed off.

They just changed the dashboard (editing interface) that we use for everything behind the scenes. Before, everything was orderly, logical, calm, pleasant . . . should I go on?

Now? It looks like something out of my worst nightmare. It’s haphazard. It’s illogical. You can’t get back to the main page without going back through the blog (as far as I can tell thus far). Things aren’t loading all the way.

And don’t even let me get started on the page layout, especially on the first page.

Number 1, it’s all left oriented, which makes me feel like I should move my computer to the right about 3 inches just so I can see what I’m doing. There are literally 2 or 3 inches of blank space on the sides just NOT DOING ANYTHING. Is anyone important reading this??? What the hell is wrong with you wordpress people!?!

I really feel like hyperventilating. I really want to hurt things. I don’t really care who.

Okay. So the front page is completely haphazard. I’ve seen piles of leaves that have made more sense than what I’m looking at right now.

It’s like waking up and seeing that someone apparently dyed your hair purple in the middle of the night, and now you can’t get rid of it. Nor can you find the person responsible.

*breathes very deeply and tries to unclench teeth*

Did they warn us? No.

Who the hell had this bright idea?

Makes me feel like clawing first my own skin off, and then following suit with whoever implemented it.

How the fuck do you upload pics, evil wordpress people!?!

I really don’t want to offend anyone right now, but if you ever wanted to know what it was like for someone on the verge of a meltdown, then you’re in the prime seat right now.

I want to kill the wordpress people right now

Now on the opening page, you get this mess, plus about 4 other things.


*shoots the powers that be the Finger*

Oh, and that little loading thing? Never loads. Nope.

*really wants to cry*

*is really pissed off*

Thanks a lot. I was in a fucking good mood too!

Why the hell should they put that much space in on the right side? I would really be handling this better right now if it weren’t for that. And I REFUSE to reorient the placement of my computer because you don’t know how to center the damn screen!

As for the main page, who puts stats, link backs and recent comments all together? Okay, the first two are related, but the comments should not be there!

And the page doesn’t even end there. It goes on with all of the stuff that’s usually there, only the font is about 2 sizes smaller and it’s all to the left like everything else.

*really really really wants to be self-destructive right now*

I will not. I won’t.

*tenses up every muscle in her body hard and holds it like that, gradually increasing pressure, while screaming soundlessly at them; all while fluttering her fingers on the sides of her head*

*takes a breath*

*does it again*

*wants to hit something*


*clenches teeth instead*


*chews on hand*

*flips them off*

Here. Save me some sanity. Go complain.

Throw some water balloons. Toilet paper someone’s house. Wrap someone’s car in saran wrap, but make sure you cover it in peanut butter first.

*looks evil right now*

*makes a rude gesture or two*


Here’s another place to give feedback. Personally, I’d like to know what other aspies think of this change. Is this a me thing, or is it some kind of aspie vs. NT thing???

Also, I did find one thing that makes this slightly easier to stand. You can click on your profile and change the color schema from new to old, or classic, or whatever the hell it’s called.

I’m a pretty passive person generally, but when I get pissed off, I get pissed off. I should probably try breathing again sometime soon. *growls*


~ by lastcrazyhorn on April 4, 2008.

28 Responses to “While It May Not Be Visible From The Outside . . .”

  1. I do like the way that the new WordPress admin interface auto-saves drafts, but I agree, the interface is very confusingly laid out now.

    And the way they have picture uploading now makes no sense at all. I would’ve expected it to be under Manage – Media Library, but there’s only Delete and Search, not Update? Apparently it has to be done *through* the posting interface now, which is completely counterintuitive if you’re wanting to upload something that can be used in multiple posts…

  2. Oh, and you’re definitely not the only one.

  3. I like the way that it does tags now. And I think the Manage section is set up pretty nice. But for the most part . . . grrr.

    I bet the people behind this are strong in Geometry. This is exactly the same way that I felt when I had to take that class: off-balance, lost and pissed.

  4. I’m mostly on a Mac, and haven’t gone snooping for a client yet, so I’m stuck with the web interface for now.

    And, yeah, as of right now, it totally sucketh arse. In addition to the Dashboard being utterly butt-ugly, and other pointless changes, the system is botching my subject lines on individual posts/pages.

    EDIT: apparently they’ve fixed that last one, but me still no like. I’ma wait a few days before I start poking around with settings and such — the way that last “Rich Text Editor” was, I’m afraid tweaking some trivial setting might wreck my whole train. I’m content to wait while others serve as crash-test dummies.

  5. I so hate change too. Thats why I left most of my yahoo groups. I liked it when it was still onelist before yahoo took over, but yahoo kept changing things. Now they have this new format so you cant delete just some of people’s text, its all or nouthing…

    Same with microsoft 2007. There is no way for me to use a blue background and white text without the printer printing blue background.

    I so very much hate change, especialy when i have no control over it! Im like you, calm except under these situations.


  6. As a fragile X carrier, I’m with you!! You read my comment and it was only a snippet of what you were thinking.

    Though I truly needed this laugh this morning. I only laugh cuz I’m sooo with you on this.

    If you haven’t figured out uploading pictures or have any other issues shoot me an email. My email is on the main page of my blog. I’ve worked through on how to do some stuff.

  7. I need to figure out a proper setting for the text on my blogger. I cant tell if my text is too big or too small. I think its ok right now. My blog isnt searchable so not many people read it so its ok. I do like how there is help on doing html wich i used to know. Ive never used the blog you use though.

  8. Gee, I don’t really understand how you feel about this. Could you clear it up for me? 😉 I’m with you – I don’t think it’s limited to and Aspie thing – it’s driving me nuts, and I’m SUPPOSEDLY NT. That’s for another post, though. I can’t stand the new format – it just doesn’t make sense whatsoever.


  9. I completely and utterly hate this new layout to the point of breaking my computer.

  10. Wow, and I thought I was mad at Google, when they changed Blogspot, so that I can no longer make posts to my own blog, and they don’t respond to emails, and there’s no recourse for me because I’m using an old system, and, and, and and…

    I do feel for you Ma’am, and you have my most earnest sympathy.

  11. I’m not on WordPress (although i’m thinking of *maybe* eventually moving over there, when i’m a bit more computer-literate… it seems a bit more flexible in what you can do with it than Blogspot, particularly in terms of latout), but i sympathise… in fact i was thinking a while back of posting about difficulty in coping with change (but, ironically, i need to sort out some fairly major changes in my life (that i actually *want* to make before i can get clear-headed enough to write about it…)

    I always get upset when other people change their blog/website layouts, *especially* if i liked the ones they had previously – Ballastexistenz about maybe 6 months ago and Miss Crip Chick more recently are good examples of this – i thought both of their previous blog layouts were among my favourites in terms of both appearance and content, and the ones they changed them too just too “shiny” looking (which isn’t generally something i like about things… i’m more a “Used Future” kind of guy…)

    I’ve got used to Ballastexistenz’s new layout (although i still miss the thing she had in the top left corner with the definition of “freedom” and it sharing an etymology with “friend”), and i think i probably will, eventually, get used to Miss Crip Chick’s… but it always makes me feel really bad when everyone else is complimenting a blogger on their new layout, and i’m just thinking “but i really liked the old one”…

    I haven’t quite decided if there’s a paradox between me being an activist for radical, near-total social change and hating or being upset at all kinds of small, trivial changes… i think part of it is that everywhere i look i see things, *big* things, that NEED changing, and the only things that anyone ever seems to change are the little things that were fine as they were anyway…

    Oh yeah, and happy birthday 🙂 Hope the change in your age is one that you’re OK with (it always takes me about half a year to “adjust” to it and start saying my age is n+1 instead of n, lol)…

  12. Yeah, when I saw the new “interface” (it sucks so bad I can only put it in quotes) I thought that WordPress had crashed. I didn’t melt down, but that’s more due to the fact that I’ve been in semi-meltdown status for a week, and depressed too, so I just didn’t have the energy. But the interface is really disorienting and scattershot, and I’m particularly pissed that –there was no announcement–, they just sprung it on us.

  13. *sigh*

    You all made me feel better. Thanks.

    Can’t they see that some of us need warnings with new things? I thought computer folks were aspie-like a lot of the time. How is that wordpress ended up with the only NT IT dude in the world . . . *sigh*

  14. lastcrazyhorn, does it provide any comfort to know that if it wasn’t for us, it doesn’t appear that there would be an ‘Aspies’ tag in WordPress?…anything to think about other than what we can’t control is what I try to hang onto.

    I feel like I might lose control over my sanity if I wrote about what pisses me off about WordPress’s changes. You’ve got strength to say so much and live to sanely publish it! 😉

  15. Well, I had to get it out or go nuts inside my own head.

  16. Good comment – looked like wordpress had crashed. I detest the new layout, amateurish and badly thought out. The asperger in me dreads any such brainless tweaking, then agn this ain’t tweaking its lunacy. Everyone should write a blog ‘wordpress has gone down the pan’. Google p.1 would be full of it!

  17. You know, you really shoudn’t keep all your feelings bottled up like that. *grin* I can’t even log in to blogger right now. *sigh*

  18. shiva, i wish you told me and hope you will be able to get used to the new layout. it amazes me how much a layout or design can affect your writing… there were so many times i was on the verge of deleting my blog because i felt all the black and white grayscaleness of it all was affecting my emotions when writing. when i changed to a new layout, it kind of refreshed my feelings about my blog and i’ve been writing more.

    i’m so glad to have read this post though about change in general. i mean the importance of staying on schedule w/ an agenda i feel is something more people know is an accessibility issue but didn’t realize websites could be a part of this too.

    i hope the changes on wordpress don’t stop you from writing!!

  19. and how the hell do tags work? how are they different from categories? i don’t get it

  20. Yes. Categories are farther reaching things, while tags are one time sorts of connections.

    Did that make sense?

    Oh, I’ll keep writing. It’s just another lesson that I’ll hold onto and remember for when I’m working with the population as a music therapist. If I can react this way, and I’m fairly high-functioning now, then just think how someone lower functioning than I might react to something else . . .

  21. […] for this new edition of the WordPress dashboard, yecccccch. lastcrazyhorn has already described the awfulness better than I could. This is completely disorienting and annoying […]

  22. I don’t really care for the new layout either………..

    I was bamboozled when I first saw it……….

    Athena of athenivanidx

  23. I don’t think getting upset over changes is an aspie thing. My boss hates, hates hates the new word 2007. Then the school made her get Vista (all the computers had to be upgraded). She has tantrums and gets angry about it. She slammed her mouse so hard the other day it popped open. Actually, no one in the office likes it. I am the “mini-IT” person and I’ve found many problems I can’t even fix because fixing is not an option. I feel bad for my boss, because she can’t easily do things she used to. She’s normally a very calm person, too.
    I don’t think anyone likes change for the sake of change. Its ridiculous. Especially, change in utility. u
    As someone who uses linux and firefox I often come upon poorly written sites. I use LJ and Blogger because changes are implemented slowly, and many times you have the option of changing something back to appear like it was before. Especially Blogger. They tend to add a new button, not change a whole panel to make a feature available.

  24. it is daunting. Especially the way things are (dis)organized under odd secitons. But I downloaded the WordPress Admin Bar plugin, and it is sweet. Everything in on a menubar that appears when you’re logged in as admin. you can jump whereever you like. The only downside is that you need to go back to your website to get the menubar.

  25. Blogspot (non-remotely hosted) rocks. Even better, they actually warn you about changes.

    Of course, it would be better to go with something like Nuke – but when I did, I managed to totally nuke my site. twice.

    Once my fault, once because my host was hacked.

    This way, a DNS or worse has to take down Blogspot – and that means going thru Google.

  26. The new interface is growing on me. At first I didn’t like the color scheme very much, but I am getting used to it. I like the clean look of the light blue as compared to all the dark blue that was there before. I am also a sucker for rounded corners.

    The whitespace on the right side drives me completely insane too! Especially considering that they moved essential options all the way to the bottom of the page, like choosing categories. I can not imagine what went into that decision. Worst of all, they replaced it with a bunch of links that are almost all already visible in the menu or submenu bar.

    One thing I do know is that they pay close attention to user feedback and often incorporate requests from the community into new versions.

  27. Lori – one thing I did notice about the new interface is that apparently, if you’re looking at it from Internet Explorer, the white space is gone and the screen is centered . . . grrr

  28. Course, Bob, I’ve had blogger. I was a blogger, on blogspot no less, way back in 2001. It annoyed me too, but that’s mostly a result of my trying to publish things that sometimes took days to publish. I had a blog as recent as early 2007, and even with these latest annoying changes (which I’m slowly getting used to), I still like wordpress better.


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