Welcome To Aspie-Land

I recently made a comment on someone’s blog who had just been introduced to aspie-land (this place I and many others now find ourselves). She mentioned some links that she found helpful thus far, but I noticed that a great many of them were just the regular surface standards (ASA and Autism Speaks etc.). So . . . I told her a few more.

Wrong Planet – a forum for people with or related to Asperger’s Syndrome
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
Tony Attwood’s homepage (his book, “The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome” is spot on too)
Benefits of Asperger’s Syndrome
I Think I Pictures, You Teach In Words
A great speech about neurodiversity by Ari Ne’eman
Study skills for those on the spectrum (directed towards university students, but certain things should still apply for everyone)
Info about music therapy (a therapy that has shown to be especially effective for those on the spectrum)
What Obama has to say about health care and autism
Proprioceptive Dysfunction
Elmindreda’s reflections on autism
Why Jim Sinclair (a big name in the autism world) dislikes person-first language
The discovery of “aspie” criteria
10 terrific traits of autistic people
Ways to manage Executive Dysfunction (something a lot of people on the spectrum have)

I tried to link to either specific blog pages or sites that deal specifically with the spectrum. I didn’t include just blogs in general, because really, there are too many good ones out there to list. So I told her at the end of my reply that she could find all of these, plus more, at my site.

Did I do good?

BTW, I’m going to eventually start a new page on my right hand column called “Guide to Being an Aspie.” I’m not planning on just linking my own stuff (as this post probably shows). If you have anything else that you think should be included on this list (or a future list), feel free to let me know either through replying to a post or hunting out my email from this site (it’s listed; you just have to find it). *laughs*

~ by lastcrazyhorn on April 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “Welcome To Aspie-Land”

  1. I got your comments. Thanks for the links letting me know my links weren’t working. I’ve fixed that now. The links I had were the ones our school gave me when I went in for the IEP. I’m still new at this and at times am overwhelmed. I will definitely be checking back here more often.

  2. Of course, I certainly didn’t mean to further overwhelm you. I’m just a little overzealous occasionally . . . but I’m mostly just glad that I could be of a little help.

  3. Overzealous??? Never!!! Incredibly, imperatively, innocuously, and insanely thorough? Of course. 🙂

    How else could you be helpful? I’m grateful for all you’ve given me. *sends good wishes floating south to you*

  4. *blushes* Awww.

  5. Those are good links!

  6. Thanks!

  7. YES, you did good! 😉

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