Seems To Be Some Aspieness Here

Have you yet heard about this?

Imagine doing a book like this. I can only imagine that scenario. I belong to various different listservs. One of them heard of this. Thus, we all write this way. It’s actually pretty darn amusing, really.

It reminds me of that guy. You know; the author without e’s. I can’t remember the dude’s name! Oh well; I found it anyways. It’s called “Gadsby,” and it’s here. That is some seriously impressive stuff.

I only compare in one way. I write word-order palindromic poetry. That sure is a mouthful, huh? To see an example, click here.

That’s one boring thing I do. I was much stranger in childhood. I used to play by myself. That’s not so bad really, huh? Well, here’s the thing: I added. What did you add there, lastcrazyhorn? I played pickup sticks by myself. Let me clarify: myself and bears. That’s stuffed animals to the uninitiated. I would sit and tally scores. As in for like hours constantly. I’d do this for pages unending. Then I’d want to show Mom. And she was like, “uh huh?” She always said I was boring. She says the whole world divides. It divides into two different groups. The categories are: Ernies and Berts. She says that I’m a Bert. In contrast, she is an Ernie.

And then, years later, aspie = me. Of course she was like, “Duh.” *rolls her eyes affectionately and smiles*

Speaking of mother, I’m going home. Not forever, mind you; 14 days. Then I’m coming back and studying.

I’m taking summer school: Statistics; yuck. I’m most definitely not math oriented. Of course, everyone remarks on that. “You’re music; you must understand it!” Ah, but music makes perfect sense. Math is like ramming my head . . . Against a wall to induce thought. All I know is one thing. People talk formulas = brain turns off. It’s like I’m underwater or something. Um, hello, I don’t speak mer-speak! Is this some language everyone knows? Did someone fail to teach me? Maybe I should just know it? Hello–is anyone really out there??? Math people, wherefore have you gone???

Aggh, I really despise math stuff. I know I’m smart, but yeah. When in math, I’m just not. I think of it like this. There are two ways through math. One way is the easy way. The other way is more difficult. Schools teach easy way for clarity. I only understand the hard way. I have to know it all. I must know why stuff happens. I must know how it happens. Teachers won’t just try and explain. They say, you learn my way. I say, I can’t do it. So they say, guess who fails!!!

I’m pretty smart in logic mathematics. I had a class in that once. It was during my freshman year. Freshman year of college, that is. I literally slept through that class. I actually fell asleep in there! Me and two other class folks. The rest of the class = BOOM. They were like, this is math? I made an A in there. First A I made in years. Since, like, back in sixth grade.

Anyway, there’s this class I’m taking. I’m learning it in 4 weeks. Does this frighten anyone else much?

To my credit, summer isn’t new. I took an environmental summer class. There were five people in there. Three of those five actually passed. We made A’s; they made F’s. There was no bell curve there. The class met 8-12 M-Thurs. It was really frickin’ hard too! It’s a good thing I studied. I spent 4+ hours studying stuff. As in, per day, for class. All of our labs were in-class. That was pretty cool, I think.

Summer before senior year = class too. I took Music History 2 then. Shoot me, someone please, because – ow! That class was a bit painful. Plus, I was commuting up there. The class was 5:30-9:30 PM. Think 3 hour round trip – yeah. I’d sleepover with a friend usually. Then, I’d turn around and drive. I did that because of work. I had a job that summer.

Music History = way too much info. It was lousy taking it then. But we had to, to graduate. The teacher took a sabbatical unfortunately. She took it during Spring ’05. When we would have taken it. I couldn’t take it next Spring. I was slated to student teach. The others were similarly stuck likewise.

At least this summer = no commuting.

My roommate just moved out, yay? Well, another will probably come in. Maybe she will be cleaner, perhaps? That’s right; the aspie mentioned cleanliness. The non-germaphobe aspie mentioned cleanliness, yes. See, this last roommate wasn’t very. Clean, I mean; not very anyways. She always left her hair everywhere. I have sensory issues with hair. The sight makes me feel icky. Having to sweep it = me gagging. Having to touch it – no go. So now, I have to sweep. Excuse me while I go gag.

Then I have to bag trash. That’s another sensory ordeal for me. Like many aspies, I can smell. I mean, I can really smell. My sense of smell is developed. Much better than most, I’d say. I know people partially through smell. So trash time is really grody. I really don’t handle it well. I mean, not like with hair. I do a lot better really. Just, compared to most, I don’t.

But alas, I must do it. Otherwise, my RA will kill me. She gives me the creeps too. I totally don’t like her vibes. Luckily–I hope–she is graduating. Maybe the next will be nicer? Maybe the next will be aspielicious?

Cross your fingers, and meh, toes. 🙂

I’m flying out to NC tonight. So far looks like clear weather. My ride will be here soon. Soon = less than two hours time. I still have to go gag. Oh and finish packing, yeah hmm. That might be a good activity.

~ by lastcrazyhorn on May 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “Seems To Be Some Aspieness Here”

  1. have a safe and fun trip home!!

    I played alone when I was a kid too. I had my own school. My grandma (she raised me till I was 12) converted an old shed into a playroom. I think she expected me to find the artsy side of me. Well, there was no such thing. I converted it into my classroom. I used stuff animals for my students. They did worksheets, got time out, swats (they were allowed back then). I even had a giant doll that was the principal. I know I was pathetic. But it was a blast. And yep…I played board games by myself too…try playing battleship by yourself…lol.

  2. Wow, you arty aspies really are something. I tend to be the opposite, concerning writing styles, and love commas (and parentheses) to allow a fuller meaning and content to my sentences. That and I never have the time to make them shorter, editing and reorganising thoughts post blurt is something I’ve never been good at, in written word AND verbal. I just spurt and go. There is no revisits. Once a sentence is done. That’s all, good night. No time to go back. Can’t re-edit or undo. My brain don’t work like that. I can finish, and go back. To the beginning I mean. Do the whole lot over. But not while writing. When finished, I don’t want to. Go back that is. Time to move on and get going.

    Anyhow, good luck with statistics. Sounds like you’ll need it.

  3. EDIT: There ARE no revisits. (one should really proof read even if one isn’t going to edit a posts’ content.)

    Sideways happy face.

  4. I kind of have the same problem in math, izaak. I hate to go back and double-check – which is part of my problem . . . then again, frequently I don’t have any clue about any of it, so double-checking’s not really going to help.

  5. Say it all in six words? That would never happen for me. I’m way too wordy. Been told that all my life.

    I am a math hater…probably math phobe is a better term. Hate it hate it. I’m a WORD person…Jacob is really good at math…math brain I call him. He can do it in his HEAD. Amazing really.

    That word order palindromic poetry…VERY cool, by the way.

  6. Math and music are not related.

    Unless all math concepts use base 8

    Maby its base 9 or 7. anyways… I love music, hate math. lol. Good luck with stats. 🙂 Stats should be optional though. dosnt it seem that most degree programs require you to take some sort of stats class?

    Anyways I miss you! 🙂

    Your very own Chey 🙂

  7. Oh and i can get the answer to a math question but dont ask me to explain it. lol. its all there but its not in a language of numbers or letters. more colours and feels.

  8. wait, thats colours and vibrations. couldnt find the right word.


  9. ohhh i get vibes from people. im very spot on acording to family and people who know me well say i can pick up their good or bad. for me its the colour and vibration that every person gives off. I just pick up on it.

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