Tangential Thinking

Okay, so if I told you that the post I was about to write was all connected in one way or another, you’d probably be like “Yeah right.” But it’s true. Although, if I were to trace out all of the connections, we’d be here all day. Really.

Aspies often think like that. You’ll be talking to one of us and abruptly, we’ll change the subject to something that will leave you feeling like “WTF???”

I’m sure that some people do this on purpose just for the effect it has on its audience; however, if the person you’re talking to is anything like me, the point isn’t that at all. It’s just that something in your earlier conversation sparked something in that person’s head that sparked something else that sparked something else that . . . you get the idea. And they think it’s way cool! So they just have to tell you–maybe this is ultimately the aspie’s downfall–and there you two go. If you’re smart, just go with it. If you try to find out the connection, you’ll probably end up more confused than when you started.

See now, the reason for that is that aspies don’t notice things like everyone else. So if we remember something, it’s unlikely to be in a way that makes sense to someone else. And then our brains do this thing where it squares the idea – I like that; aspie². Our brains take the original idea, connect it to something else, and then repeats the process for the new thing, ad nauseum. Eep.


So not only does the mention of _______’s name make me think of red t-shirts with yellow logos, but it also makes me think of red mouthpieces and college, mono, girls named Danielle, App State, music therapy and radio talk shows. And that’s a fairly benign example.

With that said, here are three ideas that I’ve run across in the past two days:

#1 – Beartwinsmom has tagged me for a 6 word meme. Since I’m too lazy to go back through my posts and check to see if I’ve done one of these, I’ll simply compromise and just not tag anyone. But anyone who wants to join in is welcome. 🙂

What you have to do is this: Describe yourself in 6 words. I really have this feeling that I did this somewhere, because one of the listservs I belong to started talking in only 6 word sentences for about a month straight a few weeks ago. lol

So, here goes . . .


“Finding answers beyond life’s given timeouts.”

Hmm, I’ll have to think on that and decide if I like it or not. lol

#2 I had a run-in with Auditory Processing Disorder yesterday; yet another reason why I think it’s likely that I have it. Andrea’s Buzzing has a really awesome post about it here.

So I’m answering the phones at my new job, right? And this lady gets on the phone and says something about needing to find something for this “lady who works at a shelter.”

Since we don’t have anything to do with people working in shelters, I said, “Excuse me. Could you repeat that?”

Luckily the second time I got it. What she was really saying was this: She was trying to get some information for a “new lady instructor.” Oy. *headdesk*

#3 And just for fun. 😀

I’m 82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? addicted to blogging.

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~ by lastcrazyhorn on June 25, 2008.

8 Responses to “Tangential Thinking”

  1. Oh, I have that sort of problem on the phone all the time. It’s really frustrating, given how some people absolutely insist communicating on the phone when it’s the *least* clear method of communication for me!

    Oddly, I don’t have nearly as much trouble with face-to-face spoken conversation; I think it’s a combination of being able to use lip-reading in addition to listening, and the sound quality simply being less fuzzy.

  2. It’s not just aspies who think tangentially – I do it too. I can explain my leaps in thought bit that gets icky for all concerned. I’m better when I write.

  3. LCH, You’re a fantastic writer! Keep it up.

  4. *hears compliments and blooms*

    codeman – I’m with you 100% on that score!

  5. Six words: I’m okay. You’ll need a minute.

    Assuming there are no rules against contractions. ;o)

  6. Hehe. I’m 62% addicted! Yay fun Internet quizzes!

  7. Oh, AD/HD people do that mental pinball thing all the time, too! (-:

    “Andrea’s Buzzing has a really post about it here.”

    Now I’m dying of curiosity about the missing adjective…

  8. Oh crap!!!

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