Battle Cry of the Downtrodden

You might have hurt me in the past, but you won’t ever have that chance again.

I am more than you. I am stronger than you. You can’t hurt me. You can’t stop me. You can’t make me less than you.

I am victorious. I’m still standing.

Is that the best you can do? Try something else.

I’ll still be here when you’re old and gray.

Nothing you do can make me less than I am.

I am mighty. I am strong. I’m here until forever.

You think you’re tough. I’m beyond tough. I left tough back in the dust next to your weakened heart.

You think you’re big. I’m bigger than the universe.

You can’t hurt me. Your strikes only make me stronger. Every foul word, every foul play you make against me only serves to make me better. I get stronger; you get weaker.

I am more than you will ever be.

Nothing you say can hurt me.

Nothing you say can make me less than what I am.

You stand before me. I tower over you.

You think you’re quick. I’ve already moved.

When I step forwards, you’re pushed backwards by force of my trailing energy.

I can break you with my pinky.

You think you have hurt me. You think you are the best.

I know I am the best.

You’ll never stand in my way ever again. I don’t have to move around you. I can walk straight through your heart and come out clean on the other side.

Your soul is weak.

I don’t have to listen to your words. Your words are like the buzzing of a fly around my head. One SMACK and you stop.

You’ll never stop hearing me. You’ll see me everywhere. I won’t stop. I won’t quit. I don’t give up.

I’ve faced your best. Here I am. Bigger than ever.

Want to try my best on for size? You won’t handle a minute of my force of will.

My strength is everlasting. I walk forwards into the night. Monsters step backwards to let me pass. I can hear danger before it acts.

You’re weak. You’re small. You can’t handle me.

I don’t believe you. I don’t trust your words. You’re not the truth. You’re not even fact. You’re nothing. You don’t even make me laugh. I don’t even see you. You’re too small.

I can reach out over oceans.

You can barely touch your toes.

I can jump over treetops. You can’t even get the gum off of your shoes.

I’m not afraid of you. You can’t hurt me. Every time you lash out at me, you only hurt yourself. My armor is too strong for you. It ripples like the wind and flows like the water of a tsunami.

You can’t make me do anything.

You think you’re funny. I think you’re nothing. You’re not real. You’re not here. You’re not me.

I make my own way.

My paths last longer than the roads of the Romans.

You’re lost in your own yard.

My heart is stronger than your breath.

You can’t stop me. You can’t hurt me.

You aren’t me. I don’t let you control my destiny.

I’m more than you.

My soul is worth more than yours.

I can see through rock and darkness.

You stand in a brightly lit room and can’t see me.

I can yell in your face and be gone in an instant.

Your voice doesn’t even ripple my consciousness.

I won’t stop for you. Never again.

If you get in my way, I’ll step over you.

If you yell in my head, I’ll bury you.

One punch and you’re gone.

Even if you turn my friends against me, I won’t stop.

You’re smaller than a flea and have less firepower.

I can spot you in a crowd. You won’t see me unless I want you to.

I’ll be in your nightmares until the end of time.

I won’t remember mine.

You strike out against me.

I’ll blow you over.

You throw bombs at me.

I’ll freeze them mid-air.

You cast me out and turn your back on me.

I start my own society. I turn my back on no one.

I won’t leave you alone. Not anymore. You had your chance.

Nothing you say or do will ever hurt me. I can stand against a hurricane of your words and not become mussed.

You can’t make me stop.

You can’t change my path.

You can’t lead me astray.

I am a compass.

I am a direction unto myself.

I am an unknown flavor.

You’ve never seen a shade quite like me.

Nothing walks beside me. I fly next to all.

Whenever you stop, I’ll be there.

Wherever you run to, I’ll exist.

When you stop for water, I will fill you with the taste of sand and dust.

I am nothing.

I am everything.

I won’t stop.

You can’t hurt me.

I am not afraid.

I am myself squared.

The universe knows my name.

Every star knows my scent.

The particles of the world are my cousins.

The planets are my mother.

The downtrodden are my family.

We multiply faster than you can breathe. We don’t stop for you.

We are stronger than all others.

Our minds work faster than lightspeed.

We morph and slide and break through all barriers of life.

Nothing you do can stop us.

We understand adversity.

We understand hatred.

We understand isolation, pity and desolation of spirit.

Yet still, we continue. We don’t stop. We don’t lie down and wait to be conquered.

We are the conquerors.

We are the victors.

We are the mighty.

We are giants to all others. We reach out to all.

We speak every language.

We dance every step.

Every song knows us.

Music is our fuel.

Art is our food.

Logic builds our roads.

Beauty fills our hearts.

You can’t stop us.

We’re more than you.

We’re not afraid of you.

We don’t stop.

We don’t roll over.

We think more than you.

We feel more than you.

We are more than you.

If you take one of us out, three more take his or her place.

You think you are superior.

You think you are perfect.

You’re deluded.

You’re blind to the dance moving around you.

You’re sitting in a dark cave waiting to die.

We’re the young.

We’re the old.

We are light.

We are air.

We are here for all eternity.

And we fear no one.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on July 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “Battle Cry of the Downtrodden”

  1. This is wicked man. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Thanks. *grins*

  3. This is incredibly AWESOME. I love, love, love it.

  4. Thanks! 🙂

    Sometimes when I start feeling down, this is the mantra (more or less) that gets in my head.

  5. Wow, talk about affirmations!! LOL I love this

  6. sounds very ‘I’m okay, you’re not okay.’

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Interesting philosophy. I especially like the idea, “No one has ever seen a shade like me.”.

    My philosophy ranges on the idea, “Blessed Be All”. I pray (meditate) for those whose intentions seem to be against me as well, because I know they are not mine to judge. Not until I walk a mile in their body. God is the one who has done that.

    Excellent self-understanding. I have felt that way about people whom I perceived were trying to “make me less” in order to make themselves feel bigger, but then realized that no one can do that (not without my permission – and I, by default, never give my permission for that. I am me–fully competent, fully prepared, because I have lived through hell and I know that I have overcome and that I can learn and do anything I set my mind to understanding. The question is: are *all* choices worth the cost?), and when I did, my heart softened towards them. They became a friend to learn from: learning the best of what you can…even your worst enemy (or who you perceive as one) has the capability of being your best friend. It all depends on us. We may change our knowledge, our ability, our skill, our thoughts and our habits, to being in our harmony as the change we wish to see in the world, as we are the only thing that we have control over–we can not hope to change others.

    The thing I always think about people like this (whom you’re writing about), is that at the very most…they will try to be as honest as possible with you, and when they’re right, the quickest way to disarm is to agree. When they’re wrong and you have proven it–I have found that a gentle and tactful approach with the utmost kindness and friendliness (loving that person) will change the so-called “circumstances” by leaps and bounds never before imagined.

    I feel the same almost quiet omnipresence and almost unconscious acceptance about myself (obviously some leaks through to my somewhat more “anxious” consciousness enough to describe it or else I wouldn’t be doing that now) when in “the zone” (whether it’s playing DDR, competitively playing games…anything where one is fully in the moment) (which is frequently)…I think living in the present and training one’s consciousness to be fully aware of my body’s messages does that.

    Is my body pain-free, is there a feeling of happiness, of awareness, the ability to move effortlessly, or is there a feeling of unhappiness?

    If it’s not the set of first, out of those descriptions, then a change towards it must be made and I ask myself what’s needed to own my sense of happiness and make it mine.

    No one can take that from you…no matter what physical aspects or circumstances may try to happen. And that is what gives me confidence. I know I can take anything and turn it around.

    You asked earlier to know how I know what’s most important to a person (in understanding them better) from their writing without having them there in-person to read body clues.

    We always place the most important item at the end of the sentence.

    If we use a word with “ing”, it’s what we’re doing. If we use the form of a verb “run, sit, speak, hear”, etc., then it is a command to the other person reading, and this is one way that we teach others how to treat us.

    And the word before the period or comma means we have made up our minds about that concept, at the time of writing. And an explanation point (think about the way it actually looks!) looks like a dot or a world that began and then took off so fast vertically that it becomes a line…what a way to express excitement! So the word before an exclamation mark is not only judged, but that person is moved and excited (like a moving electron would be) about that word!

    So I look at the last word in each of their sentences before a period or a comma (question mark means they are questioning the word before it)…anthing without this punctuation is in a transition state and there has been no formal judgement made on it by “the self” as of now. That’s why I believe that when friends chat online it feels so much easier for most to not use punctuation, but to flow back and forth off of each other’s ideas (with less judgement) as it brings friends closer.

    Metaphorically speaking, I like to think the expanse of my world and my existence as round physically…so sometimes when typing I’ll fluidly connect the concept of each word to each word until I really understand and approve of each word along the way. To me, language is really a command–both as our goal to ourselves, and a goal to others.

    So back to the “circle” idea, and that everything is all connected; the last word before the period equals the first (make a loop with the sentence), and then the last word of each sentence is connected to every other last word in each sentence because these are the concepts that are most important to us.

    Think of a necklace of pearl beads.

    (We place the most important word in the sentence last.)

    So whenever I want to know what’s most important to a person, at least what *was* most important to them during that time of their writing…I read the very last words in the sentence and connect those together.

    There’s a word for doing that, but I can’t remember what it’s called. Perhaps you can.

    Btw, Val…I may or may not have mentioned it earlier to you, but I think the Advocating Analyst description of you on the personal DNA report fits really well!

    Have you ever taken the Myer-Briggs and Keirsey Tempermant sorter? It’s based on 16 archetypes developed by the famous philosopher and psychologist Carl Jung and is both used by many places of employment for screening and is world-renowned. I’m really curious to see your results! I scored as INTJ on the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator. What do you get?

    Here’s a free one:

  8. There’s also the saying: enemies are the best teachers.

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