I Want To Believe

Ope, well, I’ve started getting inquiries about my whereabouts; so I thought I’d post and save you all from worrying. 🙂

BTW, the image above is me, just in case you’re wondering. I got new glasses a couple of months ago. I went with dark rims, because my previous set had been clear and offered little definition to my face.

My friend who took this picture called it my “Seriously Disturbed Look” (pic description: it shows me giving thumbs up and staring very intently off at something).

I’ll tell you, the reason I haven’t posted in the last week is because I’ve been on a drawing kick. This next picture really doesn’t do the drawing justice, but as of right now, it’s all I’ve got to show you.

It’s also done now. It’s taken on a very technicolor, psychedelic look. I call it my “Dragon Flower,” because everyone sees dragons in it. Can you see the spider? It’d done entirely in pen – took me a week.

As for today’s title, did you know that another X-Files movie is coming out? I saw the first one in theater. Like twice. I owned it on VHS and then I bought it again on DVD. I mean, this is serious dedication here. I even watched the show most of the way through the last season, until it just got so ridiculous that I couldn’t stand it anymore and I stopped watching.

I started watching in season 3; so that was a pretty lengthy amount of time that I invested in it. The earlier seasons were by far the best – like the first 5 or so.

So I turn on the tv, yes? And they’re advertising this X-Files movie and all I can think to myself is “Geez, David Duchovny is old!” Back in my tween and teen years, Duchovny was easily a major special interest of mine. We’re talking serious obsession here. You should have seen my room back in the day. It was covered in clippings from newspapers, magazines — you name it, I had it on my walls. Plus, I owned almost all of the books, and had taped a great many of the episodes.

Okay, I know it’s the big thing now to go and do movies with the same characters 5, 10, 17 years later, but I don’t know if I can handle it in this case. Indiana Jones worked out pretty good – mostly. Blues Brothers was fun. I just don’t know if I can stand to see them on the screen again. It’s not like they’re really known for anything else. I know that I haven’t seen Gillian Anderson (Scully) in anything since then. And the only thing I can remember Duchovny doing was “Evolution.” Try to tell me that that didn’t suck.

At least the other characters have moved on and really gone out there and kept working. I know that I’ve seen Nicholas Lea in a few other things. Ah, Nicholas Lea. To some you will be known into infinity as “Krycek,” but for me, you will always be “Ratboy.” *sigh*

–A true X-Phile

~ by lastcrazyhorn on July 15, 2008.

20 Responses to “I Want To Believe”

  1. I LOVE the drawing!

  2. Yup, been worried about you. Glad you were just busy and hadn’t fallen and couldn’t get up! I can’t see the pic of you in glasses for some reason, but can see the drawing, and it’s very impressive. You have serious patience, my friend.

    I’ve been following the X-Files hooplah with interest. Husband and I were big fans of the show and the movie. Watched it all, faithfully from day 1. I’m worried, however, that it’s been SO long I won’t understand much of what’s going on in the movie. After all, there was Alias and then Lost in between and my brain seems to have only room for one complicated plot with serious hidden messages and characters at a time. But we shall see.

    Glad you are back!

  3. Love your drawing and its title. And i also love the X-Files and want to believe!!

  4. I have hardly watched tv in twenty years, yet I do know Gillian Anderson did some serious theatre work in London after X-files and at least one film.

  5. Duchovny old! That little whipper snapper.

    I’ll shut up now.

    Love the piccy [aren’t they hard to photo!]

  6. This comment strikes me as unfair. Both Anderson and Duchovny have worked steadily since 2002. I’ve never been interested in Duchov but followed Anderson’s career very closely and I’m very impressed with her versatility. She did two plays in London and shot six movies (“The Last King of Scotland”, among othera) and the highly revered TV series “Bleak House.” She has two more films on the release this year, a very cool film project next year and an equally cool and prestigious play next spring, and her third baby is on the way. Busy thesp, I’d say.

    Oh, and the new movie has nothing to do with aliens and convoluted conspiracies. Good old scary horror. And most importantly, time flies… for everyone. 🙂

  7. Love the drawing (and yes, I see dragons).

    As for the X-Files, if you haven’t been to a convention, then my nerdliness has you beat. I used to love that show, but I couldn’t make it through the last season either, so we’re even there.

  8. I love the pic with the new specs. Makes you look very earnest.


    This is why I mostly only read milblogs, and autieblogs, and gunblogs;

    The overlap and intersection of the Venn diagram of them all is being earnest, maybe saying

    “Dammit, this is serious! Pay attention!”

  9. I love the drawing (I can’t see the spider, but I can definitely see why you call it Dragon Flower).

    Unfortunately one of my daughters was obsessed with “Evolution”, so I think that I’ve seen it about 500 times now. I wish that I could understand why none of my kids ever get obsessed with good movies…we’re on our 10th year straight of Barney with one of my kids 🙂

    Duchovny did do another series…I think that it was called Californication? It didn’t last too long, but I saw him on that, and he also did a kind of bad soft-porn series called Red Shoe Diaries or something like that. He’s been working- I think that Gillian Anderson has been having a life. I’m not eager to see the new movie- some things should just be left to die a natural death.

  10. We just started watching the X-files again. Almost halfway through the second season. I never saw the end of the series before, as the Norwegian channel airing it screwed up. I’ve never seen the movie either, but we’ll try to make it through it all before going to the movies to see the new movie.

  11. I saw that X files was coming out with a new movie. I wondered how you felt about it. I’m not real up on tv series’ turning into movies because it’s just not really the same.

  12. Well, I liked the other movie . . . I just don’t know how I feel about seeing them together again. I mean, I’m not 14 anymore, you know?

  13. Love the new glasses. Along with the red glowing eyes, they set of your face and makes you look very attractivel. Well… more so.

    and Evolution ROCKED! But yeah, I watched X-Files from day 1 also right through to half way through the second-last season. Loved the first movie… only good looking thing in this next movie is Billy Connolly… but I can hardly see him being funny in this one. Not that I’m a HUGE fan of his normally, but he can make me giggle.

  14. Hi, pretty girl. I love the picture!

  15. Those are scary red eyes. You should dye your hair pale blue, for the full Rei Ayanami look…

    BTW, does autistics.org seem to be down from where you are?

  16. I love the picture too! Do you do a lot of painting? Kudos. 🙂

    And I’m finally getting some new glasses tomorrow! Hurrah!

  17. A column on X-Files and not the Batman movie?? I’m shocked. 😛

  18. I think the glasses look great- you just need to smile, sweetie! Love the drawing too.

  19. Pay no attention to that mommy-dearest person. You are at yer best when seriously engaged. Don’t let the normal gurlz bring you down.

  20. the world impatiently awaits your batman reaction. i’ve been clicking the refresh button every three to five seconds. my finger hurts.

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