Is It August Yet? Please???

I’m not at liberty to go into the specifics of why these last few weeks have sucked tremendously (minus seeing the Batman movie), but I can say for certain that they have . . . a lot. Actually, when I say “last few weeks,” it’s more like “last week and a half.” Ugh.

I have a friend who is critically ill and has just been diagnosed with transverse myelitis, following a heart attack that paralyzed her from the waist down and put her on a ventilator. She only has a 10% chance of getting her legs back (that’s how they phrased it), but scans of her body have indicated that she has blood clots in her brain.

Add that onto the fact that I had a dear and longtime friend die of stomach cancer on July 15th, and you have some concept of how I’m doing.

Plus, on my last Stats 2 test, I made a 55. Now, he’s sort of a lenient grader; being that his philosophy for summer classes is that since you only have 3 days to learn a concept, it’s okay if you come in and make a 50; that’s 50% more than what you knew the week before. Well, that’s a nice philosophy, but it still feels like someone kicked me down a flight of stairs and told me to have fun when I land. Then again, the highest that anyone made on that test was 75, so that’s something. We all stink. *rolls eyes*

And of course, I have another test tomorrow. Want to see the formula for our main problem???

*stretches* Oh this should be interesting. I wonder if I can fit it all in here. More importantly, I wonder if I can find the symbols to make it all work the way that it’s supposed to.

F = (DFN, DFD) =

n1(xbar-xbar.)² + n2(xbar-xbar.)² + n3(xbar-xbar.)²
(n1-1)S1² + (n2-1)S2² + (n3-1)S3²

I say xbar, because it’s an x with a line over it, but I can’t find that symbol online without some more extensive research . . . and I just don’t feel like it. Heh. This is partially to show you the insanity of my life and partially to study with. *snorts*

That’s the problem. No joke. Now, it’s looks pretty scary, but it’s not really that bad. It’s a bit tedious, but then again, you’re talking to the girl who used to sit in her floor with her teddy bears, and play pickup sticks with them just so she could add up columns of numbers for hours on end.

What you do to compute it is first swap out the letters with the numbers that those letters represent. For instance, K = # of groups, and N = # of total samples. Not bad, right? All that n1, n2, n3 crap is just a way of differentiating between group 1, 2, 3 etc. S1² works the same way. S is just referring to the standard deviation between the numbers in that particular group. The 1 just explains which group we’re looking at.

S² can be found by one of two methods. If you know your Sum of Squares Total, then you can just take that and divide it by n-1.

S² = SST

Otherwise, you gotta do the longer version, which looks like this:


And really, that’s not so bad.  That little E looking thing just means “the sum of.”  “n” refers to the sample size.  So if you have 5 participants in a study, then n = 5.  That’s all.

xbar is just the average of the numbers in that particular group.  So:

If Group 1 has these resultant figures:

1, 2 and 3, then xbar would be 2, because 1+2+3 = 6, and 6÷3 = 2.

Anyways, I can feel your eyeballs oozing out of your heads, so I’ll stop now.  Besides, it’s bedtime.  🙂


~ by lastcrazyhorn on July 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “Is It August Yet? Please???”

  1. Good grief, you’re right! I’m trying to pick my eyeballs up as I type this. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time… it’s August tomorrow!

  2. lol. Thanks. I also forgot to say that it’s been 100+ degrees F. for like the last 2 weeks straight too, which makes everything much worse.

  3. I took stats in school so I feel your pain. I’m sorry it’s been such a terrible month. To lose one friend and have another be so critically ill is awful. I hope august is better for you.

  4. Now, don’t get me wrong. Truthfully, everything on this page sucks at some level. But some level of my brain is actually enjoying the stats. lol

  5. I wish you the best as events move forward. I am sorry to hear about your friends… Statistics is what I am taking this fall. Ooh, boy.

  6. your doing better then I did with stats

    Sorry about the past few weeks being so rough

    *sends warm thoughts and hypoallergenic cat kisses*

    Cheysis 🙂

  7. Lost me at the first “F” HA

    I’m sorry about your friends, though. It stinks to lose them and to watch them go through hell with an illness.

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