Odd One Out – The Comic Strip – “Insubordination” (2)

Today I broke my previous record for most hits in any one day on this blog. The previous number was around 589 or so. Now it’s 719. *grins and nods*

I’ve got another comic up today. I think I like this. 😀 Muahahahhaa.

Odd One Out - Insubordination

= = = Click Here To Read More Fully = = =


~ by lastcrazyhorn on August 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Odd One Out – The Comic Strip – “Insubordination” (2)”

  1. 789?! I don’t get that many hits in a month. I need to read and comment more on spectrum bloggers, I guess…

  2. 719. Hmm. I mixed those two numbers up. I do that.

  3. You’re right. You should get out more. 😛

    So far this month I’ve had more hits on my blog than I had for my first two months combined. And mind you, I’ve been at this since Nov. ’07.

  4. Hey there! I’ve been offline most of the summer…computer died. UGH. But now, I’m back! I LOVE your comics. I showed the first one to Jacob and he loved it too…he said “maybe I should publish my Harry Potter spoofs on there too.” (They are pretty great by the way.)

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