I Believe In . . .

Some online buds of mine have been having a conversation regarding why they are or are not voting for McCain.  I’ve been throwing in a comment here and there for the past few days, but today I actually wrote something out for real.

This was my response:

All I know is that McCain’s history for supporting disability rights is lousy.

I believe in human rights, equal rights, pro-diversity, having control over your own body, safe schools, better education, better money options for college students, freedom of choice of religion, separation of church and state, presidents who can form sentences and pronounce words correctly (without help), presidents who acknowledge that the US is not the only important figure in the world, laws that make some modicum of sense, right to privacy, innocent until proven guilty, helping those who can’t help themselves, older adult rights, health care that people can actually afford to do something with, the right to marry whomever you damn well please, gay rights, respect for human beings in general (i.e. – not letting people live in squalor, not letting kids and adults alike go hungry, not making older adults and other people choose between their meds and food . . .), equal representation in courts, not letting the rich buy off whomever they want to get away with whatever they want . . . fuck, I believe in letting people have a damn chance at making it in life.

As far as I can tell, the Republicans are against everything I just listed.

Hell, not having to endure being told that I’m going to hell every time I disagree with someone.

Feel free to argue otherwise (since I know you will anyways lol).


~ by lastcrazyhorn on August 28, 2008.

10 Responses to “I Believe In . . .”

  1. So… you’re a libertarian, then? Small “l”. Big “L” Libertarians tend to be anti-government pro business Ayn Rand worshipers.

  2. Linked to you this morning via mommy~dearest’s blog, The Quirk Factor (congrats on the award she gave you). Nice to meet you!

    I think you are right on the mark with your critique of the Republican party. I’m a Democrat, myself, and I think you’d fit right in there. I’d love to hear your critiques of my party sometime.

  3. Because they do not like his oven chips?

  4. I’m not pro-life, but what about being pro-choice is “letting people have a damn chance at making it in life.” You are stopping a life before it ever had a chance. I can go through every one of your points, but they are pretty immature and ill-informed

  5. JOne said they are pretty immature and ill-informed.

    How is it immature to want to have a literate president? How is it immature to act like a fucking civilized country that actually gives a damn for its citizens instead of just pandering to the rights of the effing wealthy???

    Other civilized countries do not treat their citizens with such ill concern regarding their rights to living healthy lives. Where the fuck does it say in the constitution that we the people are only to be be protected if our daddy’s company paid for you to become president???

    Where the hell does the bill of rights state that we the people are a nation made up only of wacko Christian right-wing nutballs who are the only ones who are in touch with god, and by disagreeing with them, you therefore are going to hell?

    Where in the Bible does it say “Thou shalt judge others harshly for having opinions different than your own hypocritical views?”

    HOW the FUCK is that immature? If that’s immature, then fuck maturity and fuck you.

  6. jOne, I fail to see where the pro-life, pro-choice issue is brought up in that paragraph at all. Perhaps you want to read more carefully before you throw gasoline on a fire that’s not even built yet.

    and LCH, I think that verse is found in the Book of Cheney, chapter 12, verse 16-25. 🙂

  7. Do not piss off an aspie on her own blog, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.

  8. *laughs*

    Oh Scooter, it’s a shame that you’ve never met my best friend. Methinks that you two would get along quite well. 😀

    Ah, awalkabout, I see . . . I see. 😛

  9. I too wondered where the anti-choice/pro-choice issue was brought up and found myself re-reading your paragraph many times. The responses after JOne are simply too delicious – I have nothing better to add!

    Anyhoo…I’m glad to see you. Have been wondering where you’d gotten off to lately!

  10. ::Nodding sagely:: Yep, this is gonna be the most fun election to survive in my whole life. Interesting Veep choice for McC. Now they’re nicely balanced. Young minorities, old white guys. One each. “Nice, nice, very nice.”

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