The Wackiness Continues

Remember how I’ve been having wacky dreams?  Yup, still having them.

Last night I dreamed that I got in uber trouble because I tried to beat the shit out of a child abuser.  Like, in public.  It wasn’t the police that were angry at me though, but rather it was my teachers . . . *sigh*

Obviously they are fully imbedded in my psyche now, because otherwise my dreams wouldn’t be going on like this.

In high school, I always had odd band dreams; in college, I knew that I was healthy, because my band dreams had switched from high school to college band dreams; but now, here in graduate school, my only band that I’m a part of is the community band, and that’s not really enough to really get into my brain, so to speak.

I think it’s just a general sense of disapproval that I feel I’m getting from them . . . well, one in particular.  I suppose the adult thing to do here would be to actually set up a meeting time with her and confront discuss it with her.  But I’d like to see how she responds to the new version of me first.

My new version is like her concept of the perfect student, I guess.  I think that I could get the same results with healthier thought processes, but since I see her feeling the way she does, that makes it uber hard to do so.

I have to do a warm-up in her class (just like every other semester with her), but this time, unlike the other semesters, it doesn’t have to be on the piano.  Woot.  I’ve made C’s on both of my past warm-ups for her.  This time I’ve got to find a way to blow her out of the water.  My warm-up isn’t until late October – the 29th, to be exact.  I’ve also got to teach the class an article in 5-8 minutes on the 13th of Oct.  That I’m less worried about, since I’ve shown her before that I can do that okay.  In fact, on my last presentation, she gave me an A and even wrote nice comments about it!

I have to play a song with a therapeutic objective in mind – gotta tell the class in fact and let them in on it – that’s anywhere from 1990 on.  I’m rather fond of the music from the 90s actually.  I mean, that’s really when I was growing up, I guess.  In 1990, I was 6 and in 1999, I was 15.

Oh and for everyone out there going, “oh god, you’re so young/I’m so old now etc.,” have I got a story for you.  First off, you do realize that today’s 18 year olds were born in 1990, yes?

Well, I’m working with one of them in my office (we just hired another student assistant).  This past Friday I was talking to her, and I made the comment that I had Mr. Roboto stuck in my head.  *laughs*  She turns to me and says, “What’s that?”

*wide eyes*  Oh god, now I’m old.  lol.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on September 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Wackiness Continues”

  1. 1. If they’d allow the 1790s, a Mozart horn concerto would be right therapeutic; for me, at least.

    2. Kids, these days! Let me show you my slide rule….

  2. 1. I concur with Justthisguy about Mozart. His music transcends era.

    2. I have been told that I perform Mr. Roboto quite adequately at karaoke. Sadly, due to school, karaoke nights will be put off until MAY.

    3. Thank you for your swift and candid response to my previous question.

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