What Senator Obama Doesn’t Seem To Understand . . .

Is that McCain apparently has some kind of early dementia, because he only used that phrase what, like at least five times in two hours???

Oh and he’ll support the veterans, but not the children of today and the people of tomorrow.  Just the vets.  Hey, I’m all for the vets.  My own granddad is a veteran of WWII.  The problem remains that while McCain was thoroughly gung ho for the vets, he consistently failed to mention any kind of support whatsoever for anyone else.  He talked more about being supportive of the citizens in Pakistan than he did regarding the non-military people of the United States.

Oh, and let’s not forget one other thing he failed to mention.  Note that he said nothing about PTSD.  Obama, brought that up, as I believe I remember.  I don’t know, I started groaning pretty loudly after the bit about the, “Oh I have a bracelet” junk.  My friend and I were texting during the debate, and shortly after that exchange, she sent me a note that said, “I have a bracelet too, and it’s pretty.”  I wrote back with, “I used to have a bracelet, but it broke.  Maybe I could get one from them.”

Plus, I want to know just whom these friends and allies are that McCain kept talking about us having.  Last time I checked, the word, “America,” was synonymous with being “totally fucked up.”

Back to the dementia thing; I’m actually studying that right now, and while I don’t truly believe he has dementia, he was still doing a pretty passable imitation of it.  It was as if he couldn’t remember what Obama had said, so he just fell back on one of three stock responses:

  1. What Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand is . . . vs.
  2. I was there when that bill passed/didn’t pass/whatever 30 million years ago, and . . .
  3. Ronald Reagan said/did . . .

Strange that one of McCain’s obvious heroes should die of dementia.

All ranting aside, dementia is a very serious illness, but it is an illness that I don’t think people fully take time to look at.  Sure, memory is a problem — an overwhelming one at that — but there are a score of other problems that occur as well.  In addition, the more I study it, it seems that much closer to watching someone with autism in reverse.

More on that later.

In the meantime, I think McCain is deluded about the greatness of war.  It’s my opinion that he seems almost totally out of touch with everyone, but particularly people my age.  He didn’t mention one thing that would benefit someone my age.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on September 26, 2008.

17 Responses to “What Senator Obama Doesn’t Seem To Understand . . .”

  1. Johnny McHero “supports the troops” and veterans in word only when it’s to his political advantage to do so. With very few exceptions, he has consistently voted to defund every program that would otherwise help to fulfill the government’s obligations, both legal and ethical, to veterans — most especially those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, coming home to sift through the rubble of broken lives that should never have been put at risk to begin with.

    And McCain’s contemptuous disregard for soldiers and veterans has a long and “distinguished” history:

    I think “dementia” is far too kind a word. But one thing we can be sure of: his sociopathy is NOT a product of old age.

  2. I’m glad you posted this. This is good. Thanks.

    I agree with dkmnow and I appreciate that link.

    My wife is a Vietnam vet and my stepson is currently a navel officer. I have seen how McCain has not supported the veterans in many ways and he is not showing the willingness to do so as president.

    If that’s his best attribute he has NO good attributes.

  3. Great analysis! I couldn’t get over McCain’s obvious contempt for Obama. He wouldn’t looked him in the eye, made squinting faces every time Sen. Obama talked, and consistently looked peevish even when Obama gave him a compliment about rejecting torture. Bottom line: Obama looked calm, steady, and presidential. McCain looked dangerously agitated.

  4. Frankly, Obama’s “I have a bracelet, too” wasn’t opened very well, but the “No US Soldier Dies in Vain” sat very well with me. It’d be nice if McCain could have reassured the mother that spoke to him with those words. Hopefully she was watching.

  5. My favorite part of the debate? When McCain used the word “festooned”.

    I giggled.

    It also disturbs me that McCain’s neck shape isn’t holding out. He is amorphous from the ears down, it’s odd.

    There. My terribly non-superficial analysis: complete.

  6. In politics, this is called staying on message. You repeat it enough, and no matter how ridiculous, it starts to be believed as true. Yes, it is pitiful. But remember that a sizable part of the population thinks that Obama is a Muslim. That bracelet bit sounded horribly fake, as did another of his remarks at one point – too rehearsed. But for the most part, this was McCain’s home turf and the debate where he was expected to do best. He doesn’t parrot lines all that well, is the problem, and while he truly believes some of what he’s saying, a bunch of it is positions fed to him by the campaign. On that stuff, he’s definitely just lousy.

    I thought neither of them came out too well, but Obama made some definite points. What I liked better was the spectacular 30 second spot for Obama directly after the debate (provided one had survived the debate without the aid of enough alcohol to pass out).

  7. Well, since both of the major corporate parties are hell-bent on taking us down the road of socialism… well, socialism for the Democrats, fascism for the Republicans, I really can’t be all that annoyed or offended at the words of John McCain or Barack Obama. Either one is going to pull us farther into international debt, muddle through foreign relations, and make the federal government larger than what it is even now.

    But don’t listen to me, I’m just a crazy libertarian.

  8. I think some people think I’m a libertarian. I don’t think I am though, but what do I know? lol

    The whole concept of left vs. right is so out of whack nowadays that I could be a moderate and get yelled at for being too liberal.

  9. I wondered why McCain kept blinking the whole time. Sure the lights must be bright, but Obama wasn’t blinking that much. It was curious that McCain would not look at Obama during the debates. Obama was gracious about acknowledging when McCain made a point, and also pointed out when McCain was not being honest; I thought this was excellent form.

    And yes, McCain made a lot of (repeated) noises about how he’s for the veterans, but what about the other groups of citizens? Plus, I do get tired of hearing the old saw that helping industries will make the average citizen do better economically. The “trickle-down” concept Reagan initiated hasn’t worked — the wealth doesn’t soak down much further than the already-rich. No, thanks.

    We have education for everyone, why not health care? Don’t give me the business about it being a “choice between citizens and their doctors” — people without health care don’t HAVE doctors! They can’t afford to see doctors for preventative care.


  10. i feel like mccain is out of touch with the younger generation too. Even Palin seems that way to me. I thought that may be why he brought her on board. I don’t know. The whole Obama/McCain debate was all to crazy for me!

  11. All I can say is I can hardly WAIT for the Biden vs. Palin match-up. Now that should be interesting…

  12. I’m a registered libertarian, but I don’t belong to the party.

    I think I would describe myself as an old-fashioned, or Pre-Bryan, Democrat.

    There may be as many as 4 or 5 of us left.

    I am in favor of

    Small government,

    Small arms,

    Small business, and

    Small arms.

    I despise Republicans, they being the original busybody Progressives who, among other things, started that eugenics thing.

    These days, though, the Democrats seem to have been taken over entirely by batshit-insane tranzi socialists.

    My gorge rises, and I throw up in my mouth a little, every time I hear Obama speak with that smarmy smug voice of his

  13. Dammit, that should have been,

    Small government,

    Small farms,

    Small business, and

    Small arms.

    Could we have a preview function plzkthks.

  14. I thought small gov’t was what Repubs used to be about?

  15. I think many of the other countries actually have the process right–the election takes no more than three months right before the actual vote. None of this campaigning for two years crap. Heck, how could any of these people have done the jobs we’re paying for now while they were out doing all this?? The campaign ads are just getting ridiculous. McCain’s group just says OBAMA MEANS MORE TAXES! and everyone screams and runs. No details…heck, not even truth is necessary. I’m sick of the whole thing. And politics. And these people. And a government out of control. Let’s build an underground shelter and some guns and go native!

  16. Oh you peeps better fill us Canadians up to date with the Binden/Palin debate! (We have an election debate here and if it was as good as the french one, it will be good) lol 4 of the 5 party leaders were basicaly taring apart Harper (bush clone) and Ms May did not have the correct french words to say to harper and the others were kinda urging her on and encouraging her dispite her shaky french. 🙂 I was pleased. Im just glad Harpoo lost hehe.


  17. The original, or ante-bellum, Republicans were definitely big-government centralizers. They were the original progressives. Now, lots of their founders were northern industrialists, so they thought it was really cool to apply the 14th Amendment to corporations. But, yes, up until about 1890 the Democrats were the small governmen/small business party.

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