Nothing To Lose

They told me they don’t have any faith in me as a potential music therapist.

I have nothing to lose by going all out now.

They can’t scare me; they already have.  They can’t hurt me; they already have.

BTW, since when has it been unprofessional to use direct quotes?

They told me that I apparently have an anger management problem.  They said that they could sense a lot of anger coming from me.  Duh?

I’ve got nothing to lose.  I’m not afraid.

Can’t hurt me;
Can’t scare me;
Can’t break me;
Can’t make me–
do anything I don’t want.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on October 15, 2008.

13 Responses to “Nothing To Lose”

  1. Sheesh, talk about misunderstood. Any word on the disability advocate?

  2. Is there a post explaining the backstory? I’m wondering *who* is the “they.” (I just started reading. Maybe I need to read all your archives?)

  3. Sounds like your department is incredibly ignorant on Asperger’s. I’m incredibly pissed off for you!

  4. When ‘they’ tell you that they don’t have any faith in you as a potential music therapist, that only goes to show they are clones whereas you are the genuine article.

    Clones regurgitate what they learn. Leaders can do that too, but the way they differ is that they don’t do anything they don’t want. That’s why inventors invent and artists create; whereas the rest usually just teach what they’ve learned to others so the same ‘ol crap spreads to a new day.

  5. The only backstory is from the previous post: “Four Letter Word Starting With F . . .”

    I’m planning on detailing the entire thing later this week.

  6. WOW!! They sound pretty “sure” of themselves don’t they. I would have told them how they were my source of anger because they obviously haven’t opened their eyes in a while. There is more than the surface to anyone. Like you said…you have nothing to lose. You go for it and show them that they may be educators…but they aren’t educated. 🙂

  7. Are these folks aware of you being Autistic? Ypue mentioned in prev. post about signing up for dis. svc, which *could* mean (but I don’t know) that you haven’t disclosed your autism for many reasons that anyone must respect. If that’s the case, then perhaps the disclosure, *via* the Dis. svc dept (maybe goes over better coming from one of “their own” so to speak?), would go a long way toward their understanding (maybe then they’d recognize the–and I say again–OBVIOUS potential you have. I mean. look at all you;ve already gotten yourself through this semester!! (I’m thinking of the finances earlier on). And if you *have* already disclosed that you have autism/are autistic (choose your own politically correct version), then SHAAAAAME ON THESE SUPPOSED PROFESSIONALS!

  8. What proportion of these folks are wimminz? As I said to the Autism Diva once, Neurotypical women frighten me. She agreed that they frightened her, too.

  9. P.s. Senator McCain just mentioned autism in the debate. The O-hole came right back, agreeing that it’s a bad problem and that something needs to be done about it.

    Fuckers. We are so screwed. Canned food and ammo, folks, buy lotsa canned food and ammo, you’ll need it no matter who wins.

  10. They know. They just don’t give a damn.

  11. Oh, good Lord. McCain just mentioned autism again. In reference to vouchers. Some of the guys who worked on his airplane when he was a Naval Aviator may well have had more than a touch of the “A”, themselves. Aviation Electronics, and anything to do with supporting Naval Aviation, is a right nerdy career field.

    It’s quite certain that McCain’s life depended on the serious perfectional professionalism of the guys who worked on his A-4.

    Somebody needs to explain this to him

  12. *smacks head*

  13. […] was all implied and not spoken outright, I didn’t completely understand what happened at the meeting between me and the 3 profs.   I came away from that meeting shaken and crying hysterically.  I didn’t know that it […]

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