He Doesn’t Actually Remember Dying . . .

That doesn’t change the fact that he is, in fact, dead.

Nanowrimo is quickly approaching.  And why not?  I did it last year as a first year grad student.  I can sure pull it off again now.  Plus, this is my 3rd year.  Besides, I have a much better idea for a story this year.  Nanowrimo, for the uninitiated, is the concept of writing now and editing later.  Get your words on the page/screen and then work on getting it to a better version of itself.  But until then, you don’t have anything to work with; resulting therefore in people getting stuck on the idea itself and never finishing.  Nanowrimo changes that idea by tossing it out the window with a 50,000 word challenge to be completed in one month, that month being November of course.  Nanowrimo stands for “National Novel Writing Month.”  It’s actually International now, with chapters as far as Micronesia, but the name “Inanowrimo” just doesn’t have the same feel.

Speaking of chapters, that’s part of the fun of nanowrimo, the involvement of other people.  There are regional write-ins, pep talks, forums full of completely nutty people who make me laugh out loud at least 3 or 4 tmes a day . . . the list goes on.  I think the site might be down right now; they’ve just had a giant influx of people in the past 3 days.  It is, after all, nanowrimo’s 10 year anniversary.  Personally, I have the most fun in the “Nanowrimo Ate My Soul” board.  I can’t handle hanging out with the upbeat folks, because I always feel really lousy around them.  There are people who crank out 150,000 words in one month.  I can’t do that.  I’m in grad school.  I’m crazy enough.  I don’t need any more help with going crazy.  50,000 is fine for me.  Besides, it’s only 1,667 words per day.  Not too bad.  And if you can write a little extra here and there (like the first week), then you’re pretty well set the rest of the time.

Working title:  “Dead for a Day.”

It’s going to be part mystery/suspense and part humor.

One of the first things in the book is [gonna be] a description of him sitting next to his body in something akin to bewilderment.  Every time I imagine this in my head, it’s always in the middle of the winter, in the woods, and to top it all off, he’s naked.  Yes, my main character – or MC for short – has informed me that he’s going to be naked the entire book.  Luckily for him though, he can’t get cold.  Unfortunately for me, I can.

And then there’s this river thing that keeps poking up in my mind whenever I envision the setting.  The river wants to be included in the story.  I don’t mind, but I can’t quite see how it’s going to tie in.  Luckily there’s a submerged car demanding to be included as well, so maybe they can work together.  That still doesn’t help me much.  Can trunks be opened from the inside?

The whole concept of the story is this:  He doesn’t remember dying or who killed him.  However, if he wants to save his brother from the same fate, he’s going to have to put the pieces back together—and fast.  See, they were both kidnapped, but unlike him, his brother is still alive.  Who says it’s easier when you’re dead???


~ by lastcrazyhorn on October 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “He Doesn’t Actually Remember Dying . . .”

  1. Wow. Well, I have committed to Blog 365, so my mindset is more of a day-to-day sort of thing. Still, after the new year, I might try this. I suppose having eleven months to prepare and stew will give me the inspiration / perspiration balance that I need.

  2. I’m in for this year! What a great premise!! I’m afraid I’m off on a mundane ST:TNG story that’s been kicking around in my head for ten years. If you want to buddy up…see Babs1e at NaNo. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. How is that mundane???

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