Whoo HOO!!!

I’ll tell you about why October 2008 sucked later on.

Suffice it to say, November is looking MUCH better already!!!



~ by lastcrazyhorn on November 5, 2008.

10 Responses to “Whoo HOO!!!”

  1. He certainly has his work cut out! Good luck to him!

  2. I wish him the very best. No matter what, the mess is going to take YEARS for him to clean up.

  3. He’s not going to clean up the mess, he’s going to make it much worse. His ilk are responsible for causing most of it. I do fear we’ve just lost our last chance to stave off the death of the Republic for a little bit longer. I loathe despise and Obaminate that loathesome un-American communist racist Chicago criminal politician. He hates America and everything good it stands for.

    You’ll be sorrreee!

  4. You will live to regret it, believe me, I have seen these wunderkinder before, they don’t deliver well into term.

  5. The problem with Justthisguy’s predictions, is that if they do come true, he won’t be happy that they did, and if they fail to come true, he’ll be even more disappointed.

    laurentius-rex’ does ahave a point. Obama is part of the system. He is not anything more than just one man. We shall see if he can bring enough people together to make true on his promises.

  6. If they fail to come true, I promise I’ll drop to my knees and give thanks to the Lord, loudly, in public, and I’m not much of a Christian; a rather bad one, actually.

    I do admit to having a gloomy Celtic temperament, but am capable of happiness on exceptional occasions.

  7. Here’s something from a smart guy, a retired Redleg: http://www.thedonovan.com/archives/2008/11/musings_on_the.html

  8. I’d be more scared what govermentalized health care means for those disabled in any way. If the government holds the moral compass of life and death then people with disabilities will not be respected.

  9. Call me pollyanna but the man is a beacon of hope on many levels, and I believe he will surprise many people and also change the way we “do business” in Washington for the better. Or at least he will try. And it WILL take time, and it WILL take all of us to put behind the partisan yelping on BOTH sides, and look to open our minds and consider the possibilities from all angles.

    I will be thrilled when he installs cabinet members from other parties and who hold differing viewpoints. It’s nice to have a man who doesn’t want or need to surround himself with Yes-men and -women.

    CNN poll today: people who expect him to do well (not simply “do better than Bush”): 75%.

    Yikes. That’s a biiiiig expectation to fill.

  10. government health means people with dissabilities can actualy afford to go to the doctor cause they are marginalized and not given good work so they have no money but government can give them healthcare 🙂 Canada has that. its not a bad thing though its scary for anyone who dosnt understand our system. Taxes need to be increased for services and to pay down the debt too.


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