The Good News Is That I Think I Figured Out What Was Making The Unhappy Smell In My Room

Unfortunately the bad news is the same as the good news.  *sigh* I hadn’t realized that the cause of the smell had actually been in the drawer as long as it had been.  I really thought that the smell was due to other things that needed cleaning.  I mean, I went so far as to clean out the trash AND clean out my refrigerator (both frightening things for me; especially the latter of the two).

But still, there was that underlying unhappiness. And then I found it. It was so terrifying that I actually took it out immediately and then cleaned out the space it had been in immediately.


Being that I’m actually working on a paper right now, I’ll just give you the rest of my life in bullet form:

  • Meet my nanowrimo graph.  So I’ve been a little slack this year, thanks to the events in that thing that could loosely be described as my “life.”  Still, I’m at 24 thousand words on the 16th of Nov., which is only about 2 K behind where I’m supposed to be.  Considering that I was at 2060 words until the 8th of November, this isn’t really that bad.
  • I am now registered with DSS aka Disability Support Services.  I also just recently figured out that the director there goes to my church.  I thought her name sounded familiar.  Then again, I work in Human Resources.  Everyone’s name sounds familiar now.  lol
  • As a result of the second bullet, I get to take my final exam in the C o’ D (ask me and I’ll email you the meaning of that one) at a separate location with time and a half.  So not only do I not have to listen to his taunting voice during the exam, but I also get to take it in a more or less typical amount of time.
  • Provided I make it into the program, I’m hoping to do Counseling as a major now.  I’ve discovered that people over the age of 85 and under the age of 5 really seem to respond well to me.  I think I mentioned this somewhere recently.  Maybe now.  I dunno.  I really don’t think I should have any problems getting into the program either.  I figure this way I can expand my knowledge of various types of non-traditional therapies as well as incorporating the ol’ tell me how you feel approach when and if necessary.  I want to learn about play therapy, and I already have a good grounding in music therapy as well.  Plus I’m thinking about taking some art classes to augment my self-taught skills.  Art therapy anyone?  This I feel will lead to better abilities of guidance and self-discovery for my clients (and myself); as well as being more marketable.  That being said, someday I’m gonna write a not-so-funny book and tell a not-so-untrue story of how certain things really work in certain places.  But not yet.  The story’s not over yet. Telling it now would be akin to getting up and leaving halfway through a movie in a movie theater.
  • I bought a knee brace after thumping around in a lilting dancelike limp for the better part of the last month.  It’s pretty and black.  It has hinges on the side.  I feel like I should get a t-shirt made that reads “Watch as Gimpy Girl teams up with Bionic Woman!”  I made the decision after my “good” knee started making protest sounds resulting from overcompensation on its part.
  • Meet my new playlist.
  • Oh, and this is nearly exactly a year after I started writing here!  Likewise, in term of the nearlies, In that year’s time, I’ve garnered nearly 75,000 hits.  Muahahhahahaa.

Back to the paper Batman!


~ by lastcrazyhorn on November 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Good News Is That I Think I Figured Out What Was Making The Unhappy Smell In My Room”

  1. Wow! Good to know that your novel is going well, and that you’re now going to take counselling as a major.

    I hate those taunting voices too. ESPECIALLY at exam time!

    The t-shirt sounds like an awesome idea, especially if it has a picture too.

    Dead for a Day has a lot of interesting characters, especially the basketballer who lives in the different timeline. And so what if some of the characters are the same people? Is it a transmigration/reincarnation (sub)plot? And two padeophiles in the book …

  2. I am very, very, VERY glad that you are doing better, LCH. I wish you Godspeed in all your endeavors.

  3. What was in the drawer?? A mouse died in my oven once. We didn’t know until we turned it on. It took a lot of frozen pizza’s to make the mouse go away completely. How gross is that?

  4. I’m glad you got accommodations for your exams.

    Also, I wanted to let you know something. I read your post for Can I Sit with You. Lived. That. Life. Lived it. Right down to the wanting to die, the brutal, loud comments, the shoves and bumps, all of it. I also cut myself quite a lot. And what I wanted you to know is that now, I’m 40, I have three great kids, a husband who’s a lot like I am, a PhD, and a happy life free of all of those assholes who did that kind of shit when I was younger. I don’t know what became of them, and I don’t give a rat’s ass (is that what you found?), but my bet is that most of them are stuck in that special circle of hell where people peak in junior high or high school.

    Short version: Stick with it. We, unlike many people, simply get better as we age.

  5. Alright, just _what_ was in the drawer? Don’t tease us like that!

    Or are you just being teacher-like and encouraging us to exercise our imaginations?

    Concur on the refrigerator. I’m not going into mine without the .45 in my hand loaded with the +P Cor-Bons.

    (just writing fancifully and figuratively, there)

    There’s a very famous Far Side cartoon about what happens when potato salad goes bad. In the refrigerator.

  6. I really don’t think that your imaginations could get down to the level of scariness that I saw in that drawer. lol

    Let’s just put it this way, that comment about potato salad hit kinda close . . .

  7. happy blog anniversary!
    glad to hear about the new program, it sounds great.

  8. Just to add +1 to everything Emily wrote… I too went through my share of crap as child/teen and came out of the tunnel. I can’t say my life is picnic at the moment but reason for that is completely unrelated to my potential Asperger’s or to any remaining effects of my early life experiences. Yes, for us things do get better with age.

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