Extra Support

But first, a word from our sponsors!!!


I spent Thanksgiving with my dad, step-mother, grandma, granddad, brother, sister-in-law, uncle, and baby-almost toddler nephew.


My nephew is oh so very cute.  He has absolutely the softest cheeks in the entire universe.  Yes.  This is what I have decided.

*nods again*

We’re pretty cute together, I imagine; especially when we both get excited, since we’re both hand flappers.  Of course this just means that I’m weird and he just doesn’t know any better.  *facepalm*

Here’s a pic of my grandma – Woody’s great-grandma – and his Mimsy (my step-mother):

I think that this was the point where I was asleep in the next room, having had my fill of people by this point.  Overall, it was a pretty shiny thanksgiving.  I mean, we had four generations in one house.  How often does that happen?

For us?  Not so often.

In other news, I finally got in to see a counselor.  I explained my problems with my program.  She said I seemed angry.  Then she went on to say that I seemed angry for a good reason.  See???  Just in case they’re reading.

*is paranoid*

*knows that*

*has good reason to be so*

I would also like to point out that I am not sick.  Nope.  Not sick.


Not one bit.  Huh-uh.


Perfectly well.

*blows nose*

I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies.  Even though every single person around me (nearly) has something pretty similar.  But I’m not sick.  Nope.

To my credit in this argument, the mold count has been unusually high for the past month or so.  Mold is my nemesis.  *growls*

Next week is exam week.  I think.  I’m pretty sure.

I might have mentioned this somewhere, but since I’m now registered with DSS (disability support services), I get to take my music styles exam in a separate location, with time and a half.  It’s a good thing too, since he’s only allowing an hour and fifteen minutes for this test too; regardless of the fact that it’s the final.

*shakes head while tsking*

Details, I tell ya.

~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Extra Support”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, late as that wish may be. I spent it with my girlfriend Kim’s family. Have you ever had something called pumpkin cake? I highly reccomend it for Christmas (assuming you celebrate Christmas…) or the “winter solstice holiday event” of your choosing…

  2. 4 generations together! Thats quite impressive!
    Good luck with the exams – hope you feel better (even though you are not sick!)

  3. Sounds like a good turkey day for ya 🙂 At least the counselor is backing you…now for some action!

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