*Pokes Her New WP Dashboard With A Very Sharp Stick*


At least there is some logical formatting to the dashboard that WP just sprung on me today.


*eyes it warily*

Meanwhile, I’m taking a break from writing bullshit.  Generally I don’t have a problem with qualitative research, but that’s because I’m usually reading authors who aren’t just writing something to show off.  Okay, that’s harsh, but this is crap.

I get that qualitative research is to describe concepts that are difficult to express via quantitative methods; yes I get that.  At the same time, I know that none of my profs would ever approve me to write this kind of dissertation.  The lady did a total of only eight interviews (half were music therapists who worked from a humanistic POV; half were clients who had been in music therapy for at least 4 months) for this study and called it research.  Now I’m in the section where she’s describing the clients’ various moments of insight and transformation (i.e. – what this particular paper is based on).   She’s not even bothering to say which clients said what; she could have at least labelled them 1, 2, etc.  For all I know, this could be all one client’s experiences.

And I think that the experiences that are being described are indeed important ones and important to the profession in general; however, personally I believe that if she really wants to add to the body of knowledge regarding important research, then she will broaden her research and include a wider range of experiences.

I mean, if you were just to take a sample of four people from the hallway I live on and say that they were a representative sample for the whole building, I’d laugh at you.

At one point the writer describes the interviewees as “look[ing] very alive.”  What the hell does that mean???

*pounds head against the wall*

I suppose that if either of the Birds found this post, they’d just use it as another reason for why I shouldn’t be a music therapist.

Luckily for them, I’m changing majors.  I met with the guy who might end up being my advisor on Friday.  He was very encouraging and told me that he’s going to advocate for me as much as he can during the interview process.  I think when I left his office, we were both left with a sense of mutual appreciation for the other.  I might be overstepping my bounds to say that about him, but I think I’m right regardless.  I think that this is a good option for me.

It seems odd that I was assigned to read an article where the author is highlighting the need for music therapists to treat clients and other people in terms of the “whole person” approach; especially when I have not been given the same treatment . . . hmm.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “*Pokes Her New WP Dashboard With A Very Sharp Stick*”

  1. Ugh… Four by four is nowhere near a large sample size. I literally cringed when I saw that. I hope all of this passes soon for you.

  2. Yeah that is ironic that you get to read that. Glad the advisor looks like a good thing. Keep us posted. I’m pulling for you!!

  3. *hugs* Good luck with your new major.

  4. good lord, even I (who is generally clueless about research methods) would have trouble granting credence to such a study. Perhaps that’s the point… to see if anyone questions its validity based on that? who knows.

    good luck with the new advisor and major

  5. *sobs* they changed the dashboard….

    *breaths* ok, i will be fine.

    I have read papers that droned on…. to the point that I had to ask myself if this writer even knew much about the topic or how to write.

    I missed you this semester too. I could tell you stories about my classes. I will have to write in my blog lol!

    Take care!

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