I Had Forgotten

I had forgotten what an impact instrumental music has on my psyche.  I’ve been listening to stuff with voices for a while now over at Finetune, which I love, mind you, but which ultimately doesn’t have the same impact on me as just the instrumental things.  Heh.  I feel like I’m awake for the first time in a month.  I think tonight will be a good time to start on my chair project.  Now, I wonder where that box cutter got off to?

Oh, and I’d like to thank the fellow over at Abysmal Musings for helping to remind me (inadvertently) of that all-important fact about my personality.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on January 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Had Forgotten”

  1. For me, the finale of the Brahms 2nd Symphony has an anti-depressive effect as strong as Prozac…

  2. Oh, yeah. I loves me some Mozart, and Bach, and Sousa, and Alford!

    (I was a bandsman in my youth) Now that you’ve reminded me, I’m gonna listen to my Kenneth Alford CD. If listening to “The Vanished Army” doesn’t make yer eyes wet, you have no soul.

    -Jtg, at the right of the line, in the band, with the Colors.

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