Batman Continued

If you were to listen to my mother, you’d think that I was the only person in the world who can sleep for 16 hours, get up for 6, and then go back to sleep for an additional 8. What can I say? Sometimes you just gotta sleep.

I dreamed Batman dreams all bloody night last night.  All bloody night.  All 16 hours even.   I’d tell you about them, but I don’t even know where I would start.  I was there the entire time, and I think I might have been Batman at one point . . .

*scratches head*

The rest of the time I was just simply there.  The last part of the dream was perhaps the most definitive, I guess.  The mansion had somehow been compromised by the Joker, and we spent a large part of the time trying to make it safe again for living in (since the Joker was back in custody by this time).  We just kept finding booby traps and whatnot.  For example, at one point I realize that one section of the ceiling has been cut through in the shape of Bugs Bunny’s face.  I’m looking up into the ceiling and I realize that I’m looking into the attic.  Now here’s a question:  why doesn’t the Wayne Manor attic ever get mentioned?  It’s gotta be groovy up there.  Maybe it does and I just haven’t seen that issue.  I don’t know.

Anyways, I’m looking up into the attic (this is after we’ve all gone to sleep – I think Bruce is with Barbara or something), and I realize that the gigantic hole through the ceiling isn’t the only concern.  I realize that the attic is littered with literally thousands of tiny bombs.  And I go, “oh shit,” before going back down to find Bruce and wake him up.

Now, the reason that the manor was compromised to begin with, besides the Joker and all that, is that Batman had been charged with some kind of murder or something (I know I know, Vesper etc. and Bruce Wayne:  Murderer? and all of that – but it was different this time).   After all, in the dream, Batman had been charged with the murder, and in the comic series, it was Bruce who had been charged.  So why the manor got involved, I don’t really know exactly.  Oh wait, no I do.  It was because some of the folks who knew the secret identity behind Batman had shown up and camped out.  Meanwhile, Batman was out trying to actually figure out what had gone on to make all of this happen.  And then Killer Croc showed up . . . yeah, don’t even ask about that part.  I don’t think that I could actually tell you.

Anyways, so we end up in the attic working to defuse the bombs.  We being Bruce, me, Nightwing (who was there in the form of my brother), along with some other folks like Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake.  Some of the bombs were duds.  Also, they were all in the shape of walkie talkies.  Some of them glowed red and some of them glowed green; the green ones were the “live” ones.  So we do that for hours on end, but we still only get like half of them defused.  I don’t know.

Then it gets really weird.  Someone shows up and gives me a Christmas present?  And it turns out to be part of the gear that I had created in my daydreams for my superhero costume (I’ll explain that another day perhaps).  All this means, of course, is that my conscious and subconscious are in communication with one another.   Yay!

And then these magical faerie dudes show up and Robin falls in love with one of them, only to watch as he gets killed . . . right.  I told you it got weird.  The beginning of the dream was weirder, actually.   It was sort of like Batman Begins meets Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.  Kinda.   Ish.

Now, back in the “real” world, I wanted to point out a few things about my life right now.

  1. I’m in the process of changing majors to counseling.  Eh, I’ll be more marketable this way.  Besides, as the turtle pointed out, I can still do therapy through music.  🙂  Also this way, I can also get certified in play therapy and creative arts therapy, as well as regular talk therapy.
  2. I am actually going to be a real grad student this next semester.  My classes are all night classes, minus one – which is piano lessons and only meets once per week anyways.  I have a Tuesday night class, a Wednesday Gamelan ensemble rehearsal (night), Thursday night class and a Saturday class that only meets something like 4 times per semester.  I’m taking Grief and Bereavement, Ethics, Multicultural Counseling, Gamelan ensemble, and piano lessons.
  3. I’m also still working part-time at the human resources office.  My main thing right now is that I’m working on a 9 year backlog of filing data for people whose folders could not be found at the initial time that the filing was done.  Each letter section is about an inch to two inches thick.  Within each letter there is a big blue folder that consists of paperwork that belongs to folders that previous work study students were unable to find after (supposedly) looking in active, retired and term.  Too bad they never looked in our “deceased” section.  *sighs*  In two weeks I have cleared out the M’s, Mc’s, N’s, O’s, P’s, Q’s (a significantly smaller section), and the R’s.  Two weeks.  9 years.  You do the math.
  4. I’m also still singing in my church choir.  And playing in the Denton Community Band.  Great days.
  5. I also have a strained rotator cuff in my left shoulder.  I’m going to see a massage therapist dude tomorrow actually that I have been worked on by before.  Happiness is coming.  lol  That and I need to make friends with the physical therapy profs here on campus.

In the meantime, I’ll just piddle around on the internet looking at things that I really want.  Like a Batman belt.


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