Purely Alphabetical, My Dear Watson . . .

After spending many hours in the files at my job, my tendencies towards alphabetizing things have started to get out of hand a bit, I think. *laughs*

Actually, it reminds me of the days I worked in a gas station; the more OCD you were, the more they liked you.

Anyways, I recently thought of a different way of telling right from left.  If you put the two of them side by side on a horizontal plane, and list them in alphabetical order (left to right), then there you have it.  😛

Am special – *nods*

Speaking of words and letters and whatnot, I thought I should mention that my undergrad is a Bachelor of Music education – BM!!!  Kinda sounds bad, hmm . . .

Well, I just found out that I have been ACCEPTED into the MBA program here at TWU.

BM . . . MBA . . . maybe I just like M’s and B’s a lot, I dunno.

I seem to have had writer’s block for about 6 months leading up until about mid-May, when I went to go visit my mama in NC for a about 18 days or so.  In that time, I started writing my first ever fanfiction (HP, no less), and wrote more than 100K.  I am still writing it, mind you, and I just reached 126K this evening.

And still not done!!!  I’ve got the first 46 chapters posted on fanfiction.net, but I shan’t post the address unless you’re really interested in that kind of thing.   I’m well aware that there are plenty of folks who despise fanfiction.

Anywho, that’s me.

~ by lastcrazyhorn on June 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Purely Alphabetical, My Dear Watson . . .”

  1. Yay, well done!

  2. I need to start writing on my blog, again… Indeed, I seem to be slacking in my online presence. You certainly are an inspiration, though. Keep it up!

  3. Yay, Indeed! Congratulations! 🙂

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