I’d Like To Think

I’d like to think that I’m the type of student that the teachers don’t forget, just because I stand out in a particularly unique way–as opposed to being just particularly annoying.

It’s 3:25 in the morning, and I’ve been awake with insomnia for 2 and a half hours.  I discovered something particularly droll about my smoke detector though, in the course of the that time, in regards to its blinking.  You see, every 32nd pulse of light is longer than the other preceding 31 pulses.  All this year I just thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but this time I decided to count and see what was really up with it.

And there’s your answer.


I’m writing  an HP fanfic.  Have I mentioned that before?  I think I have.  Anyways, still going, and I’m nearly to 133K.  Meanwhile, the plot bunnies have started attacking me in my sleep (what sleep?), and I’m seriously considering starting another story to write simultaneously as the nearly 133K one.  After all, when I’m reading books, I tend to keep more than one going at a time.

You all might be interested in knowing that I plan on giving my next Harry a disability.

Anyone know anything about leg braces?


~ by lastcrazyhorn on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’d Like To Think”

  1. One thing I like about the Harry Potter books is that the wizards aren’t using their magic to make their differences and/or disabilities vanish. Instead, they just see them as part of life. Although Harry wears eyeglasses and has a scar, nobody expects him to get rid of them with a perfect vision charm or a scar removal spell. So I think that a fanfic with Harry in leg braces would work quite well.

  2. Yes, I know something about leg braces.

    Loretta Claiborne, the Special Olympics athlete, wore them when she was in her early childhood.

    There have been some good fictions about disabled Harries, and other characters too. J. K. Rowling also does this very subtly in canon.

    Have been reading your fan fic since you first put it up there for us bloggers to see. Only got up to chapter 22 thus far, and have really enjoyed it. There is so much feedback I could give you: good bad and ugly.

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