Say It With Me

Gotta wake up!!!

It’s homework time and I have to stay awake to do it (at 6:03 am).  I don’t think my state of wakefulness this morning was helped much by those really whacked out dreams I had last night.  The little woman from Norway or Iceland, or wherever she was from, running around with a smoking American flag (the pole was smoking) was odd enough, but the fact that the flag was actually just a triggering device for all of her bombs was truly bizarre; and let’s not forget that odd cackling sound she kept making either.

And then there were the two cops that followed her back home – someplace where they didn’t speak English and it was snowing, hence the thought of somewhere cold.  I remembered thinking, what kind of American carries a passport with them at all times?

The kind that travels outside the U.S., was my subconsciousness’s snarky reply.

It only got weirder once Bill Shatner showed up . . .


Unrelated BTW, I think this might be a symptom of my generation, because I’ve never heard anyone over 40 use this phrase in answering a question/comment:

“I know, right?”  Or “Yeah I know.  Right?”



~ by lastcrazyhorn on September 22, 2009.

One Response to “Say It With Me”

  1. I’ll say it…”Gotta wake up!” 😉
    Ya know, now that u say it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone over 40 say it either. Interesting.

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