I Like Mutants

Or perhaps just abnormally large/bizarre things.  Either way . . .

So like a few posts ago, I’ve got another couple of key words you ought to shove into Google; only this time, you can pick whether or not you want to look at images or text.

Titanoboa cerrejonensis.

Sounds fun; don’t you think?

I thought so.  I even linked a couple of articles for you.  Aren’t I nice?  I linked them in the name itself.  Click on of the two words above and you’ll be sent to one of the two articles.

Personally I like the second of the two best, but that might just be due to the article’s formatting.  Meh.

BTW, whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”  I mean, I know that some people get off on being snarky, and I know that there’s a difference between criticism and constructive criticism, but why on earth would you start your comment off with an insult?  That’s hardly the way to get me to read your comment, let alone approve it for posting.  Insult me through your comment, if you wish, but don’t start out by telling me I’m an idiot, when you’re so clearly being one yourself.

This is my new (or possibly just officially decided and publicly announced) stance on moderating comments.  So rie, that’s why I deleted your comment (should you bother to read this).


~ by lastcrazyhorn on October 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Like Mutants”

  1. Okay.

    This particular mutant is interesting.

    Like your application of “Thumper’s Rule” (Thumper being the rabbit in Bambi, his mother used to tell him this).

  2. GAH!!!!!!!

    I like snakes, but eeek!

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