Weird Dreams

But first, a message from our sponsors! My dragons produced an offspring, but I decided to give it up for adoption (so to speak). The problem is that the person who got it then gave it up again, and now I’m afraid it’s gonna die unless we all click on it!!!

Water Dragon Egg

Okay, so back to my title. I had really weird dreams last night. First of all, I dreamed that I was in England.  I’ve never been to England, although I’m sure some of my ancestors have . . . since some of them were born there.  La dee dah.

Then I dreamed that my mother had gone off with another friend and left me at a ski resort to ski.


In England, mind you.  So then I realized that the only money I had on me was American, but then the shop owner ended up giving me change back in British currency.

*blinks again*

And then who should walk into the dream for a cameo appearance?  My percussion instructor from undergrad, accompanied by his wife and small child (a daughter I think).  I still think it terrifying that the man reproduced.  Meh.

“Hi Tink!”  I said in an overly chipper voice.

He and his wife looked at each other questioningly before the light seemed to come on in their eyes.

Tink is his nickname.  Fo’ real.  No joke.  Of course, that nickname isn’t nearly as bad as his last name:  Tinkel.  As in, I gotta go number 1.

Then, later in dream, I was buying something from a bakery or something (I remember it being kind of like on a sweet hot dog bun with cherry and raspberry filling–very sticky, but very tasty).  So I’m digging through my wallet and actually managed to find some of the right currency this time.  But I also found American and Canadian.  So I make a joke to the woman behind the counter about how I don’t want to accidentally give her Canadian money to pay for my snack.

And she replies that it’s okay if I do, if I want.

My response:  “So I can include Canadian coins as long as I don’t include any American currency?”


It got weirder from there, but I don’t think I can successfully put the images into words from here on out.


~ by lastcrazyhorn on November 24, 2009.

One Response to “Weird Dreams”

  1. We’re really not quite that weird over in England, you know … in fact, we think YOU’RE the weird ones 🙂 Ha ha. What with your crazy spellings and that.

    I thought I’d return the favour and visit your blog instead 🙂

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