I’ve Totally Just Had An Idea!

I’ve been thinking that with my love of drawing and of writing, maybe I should consider trying my hand at writing kid’s books, you know?

Totally just had an idea for a story.  I could write about being an aspie and call it something like, “Did you know . . . ?”

I’m a superhero.  Okay, I know that I don’t look like much, but it’s true.  I have super hearing and super sight.  I can hear the buzzing of a fly from three rooms away.  Lights make sound and sometimes they move too.  I can tell when people are walking towards me by the way the ground vibrates.

Cool, huh?

Well, sometimes it is.  Unfortunately, there’s no off switch to having superpowers.




~ by lastcrazyhorn on December 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “I’ve Totally Just Had An Idea!”

  1. That…. is an awesome idea. 🙂

  2. *grins*

  3. I agree with mommy-dearest’s comment! Children’s books with Aspies as superheros might just be the humbling that bullies who want to pick on Aspie children need!

    All kids know what society values (or doesn’t value). You need to think like Charles Schultz (another Aspie) once said. He said, “If I don’t do it, who will?” That was in regard to incorporating Christianity into his Peanuts comic strip. People warned him not to do it, but now look at the results of Schultz’s “mistake” others thought he was making!

    Schultz handled his desire brilliantly. He didn’t hit people over the head with his Christian faith. Instead, he subtly sprinkled it into his messages without acting “holier-than-thou.” He could do that because he wasn’t a proud man. He had been bullied a lot during his growing up years, which is why his fame never caused his head to swell and ruin his comic strip.

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