If physical diseases were treated like mental illness – Imgur

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If physical diseases were treated like mental illness – Imgur.


Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV

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So take that, bullies!

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV.

Autism Symptoms & Early Signs: What to Look for in Babies, Toddlers & Children

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Autism Symptoms & Early Signs: What to Look for in Babies, Toddlers & Children.

This is a really good article.  It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come that information like this is readily available to the searching public.  🙂

Disabled girl plays flute with one hand

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Disabled girl plays flute with one hand.

More importantly, disabled girl plays CUSTOM BUILT flute.  It was made for her by a member of my community band whose name is Woody Wood.  Well, his real name is Clarence Wood, but who wants to go by Clarence?

Classroom Yoga Helps Improve Behavior Of Kids With Autism : Shots – Health Blog : NPR

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Classroom Yoga Helps Improve Behavior Of Kids With Autism : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.
I could totally see this working.  All that stretching and pushing of physical boundaries.  *grins*  I just wish I could do more yoga and not just by myself.

Devin Townsend (and why I dig him)

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1.Juular –

The first song I found by Devin Townsend. Totally awesome.

2. Feather (edit) –

In contrast, this was the second of the first two songs I ever heard by him. Diversity is Devin Townsend and Devin Townsend is diversity.

3. From here, I bought the album “Deconstruction + Ghost” (2011). Here is the orchestra tracking video that DT made as a preview to Deconstruction:

4. Juular and Feather are both on this one, but another favorite is, “Stand.” – (at least try and make it through the first 4 minutes)

4.5 Transitioning between those two, we find ourselves with “Ho Krll” –

5. Another favorite then, deeply in contrast with “Stand” is “Blackberry” – (and this one is complete with subtitles!)

6. From THERE I moved onto his album, “Synchestra” (2006). There’s this one song, “Vampira” that is absolutely hilarious – Well, at least the video is hilarious

7. Synchestra is made of pure win. Another great song is “Notes from Africa.” – And this is why we learned arpeggios in band . . . lol –

8. The next album I bought was “Addicted” (2009). The song, “The Way Home” is what I play when coming home from big trips –

9. From there, I bought a couple of songs from his album, “Infinity” (1998). This is, “Wild Colonial Boy” – (it’s a bit of a fast waltz, you could almost say)

10. Devin Townsend’s “Ziltoid the Omniscient” (2007) is more fun to listen to on Youtube than it is to own – but I did buy one song – “The Greys” –

11. From here I found the album, “Ocean Machine” (1997) – One of my faves is: “Voices in the Fan” – make sure you listen to this song in its entirety –

12. And then the album, “Physicist” (2000) – and my favorite is “Namaste” – a complete difference from the last one. 🙂

13. He’s just released another album called, “Epicloud” (2012). And so its music isn’t yet on Youtube, though there is one that DT posted showing himself dancing in. It’s really really funny. The song is called “Lucky Animals.”

Oil Spill Problems Continue

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Okay, so I haven’t updated this blog in a while, but I figured that I should at least share with you one of my newest interests. Call me paranoid, but I have some pretty good reasons not to trust the people in charge, and neither should you.

Are you aware that the problems caused by the oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico by BP aren’t resolved yet?  Are you aware that it’s actually getting worse?  That people and animals (ground and water both) are dying and suffering horrible complications?

Articles like this would have you believing that all is well or getting better, but that’s not the case at all.

This time a year ago, nearly 100 dead dolphins had washed up on land.  What’s that number now?  Mutations are being found in all different kinds of marine life.  People are getting sick and staying that way.  And the media is ignoring it, because “We, the People” apparently don’t count for squat anymore.

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists – Al Jazeera, April 20, 2012

BP’s Gulf of Mexico Disaster: Two Years Later, Where Is The Response? – Greenpeace Staff Blog, April 20, 2012

Mutant Crabs Turning Up in the Gulf – Discovery News, April 19, 2012

Investigation: Two Years After the BP Spill, A Hidden Health Crisis Festers – The Nation, April 18, 2012

BP’s Corexit Oil Tar Sponged Up by Human Skin – Mother Jones, April 17, 2012

Ex BP cleanup worker speaks: people are sick and dying in the Gulf – March 2011 – watch Jennnifer Rexford’s YouTube video on what she and others have been experiencing. This site has lots of links to other related stories too.

Gulf Spill Sickness Wrecking Lives – Al Jazeera, March 2011