Peni Page – Rated R

It’s amazing what one little word can do to (or is it “for”?) your stats page. All I did was make a comment about a duck’s penis and then one about a slug’s penis, and suddenly I start getting some of the strangest search terms showing up in my referral list . . .

Now, I took out the really porny ones on the list (after all, you can see those anywhere, right?), and I took out the pedophilic terms *shudders*; which left mostly just the peni’s and their descriptors . . . Mind you now, these are just the ones from the past week-ish (as of April 13, 2008).

12″ penis 1

20 inch penis 1

24″ penis 1

angry penis 1

I’m not real sure if this is angry, but it sure is scary.

average penis 3

bird penis 3

bruised penis 6

Don’t ask me, but here’s a page on Disorders of the Penis.

cat penis 7

Hmm, I don’t think that this is what they had in mind, but oh well.

curved penis versus a straight penis 1

dead penis 2

define penis 1

Well, that’s an easy one.

duck penis 11

extreme penis torture 1

Have you ever put the word “hentai” into Google?

freak penis pictures 1

Same question.

french penis 2

Wouldn’t they just look like everyone else’s? *is confused*

funny penis pictures 1

gay penis 5

giant ape penis 2

girl with penis 9

gauge penis in a penis 2

giant penis 2

happy penis 2

harry potter’s penis 2

I’ll never understand why you can find Daniel Radcliffe’s penis all over the web, but you can’t find Bruce Willis’s???

hidden penis 2

hooked penis 1

intact adult penis 1

longest human penis 2

longest penis 14

normal penis?

I found a page called, “Is My Penis Normal?

obama penis 1

penis baseball 1

penis books 1

penis cutting com 1

penis drawing 1

penis face 1

penis flute 1

penis grape 1

penis guitar 1

penis on face 1

penis on fire 1

penis size

penis torture 5

Hmm, this sounds like torture to me. “China’s Penis Restaurant.”

pig penis 2

real penis 3

sand penis 2

sucking penis 1

tapir penis

texas long horn penis 1

tiny penis 2

Awww, it’s little. There is also what is referred to as a “Micropenis.” Generally that’s defined as a penis that is 2 inches (7 centimeters) or less. So if you have this and you’re not happy, click here for options.

tribal penis pole discovery 1

ugly penis 12

Okey dokey then.

More to be added later.

Well as of June 9, 2009, I did fix the link to the Harry Potter penis pic.  The previous site that it was on appears to have disappeared.  Curious and curiouser.

Here we are again – on what, 1/11/11???  Wow.  Anywho (considering how often I use that word, they oughta just make it a word), found a pic of Thomas Gibson in Lycra cycling shorts, and serious folks, you can practically tell if he’s cut or uncut.  Really tight shorts!!!  Oh My Frogs!

7 Responses to “Peni Page – Rated R”

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  3. the photo of a “pig penis” is actually a photo of a tapir. pigs have a long, thin spiral shaped penis.

  4. Ah, noted. Twill be fixed. Thx. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your penises.

  6. […] Peni Page – Rated R В« Odd One Out Apr 13, 2008 … the photo of a “pig penis” is actually a photo of a tapir. pigs have a long, thin spiral shaped … […]

  7. uhhhhhhhh

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