Speaking of Autism Awareness . . .

Unless you are associated with the “find a cure for autism” crowd, then you don’t really want to be involved with the puzzle pieces theme. Other people have provided alternates for this image. Now it’s my turn.

Autistic Spectrum

The picture, like others, represents the spectrum that autism spans.

ASD prideDon’t you think so?

EDITED to say that I made it into a button:

BTW, guess what I’ve gotten myself into today.

Somehow I got signed up to give blood this morning.Proud to know someone on the spectrum

We haven’t discussed this, but while I don’t mind needles, I do have problems with people who jab me repeatedly in each arm before finally conceding defeat. I have spider veins. Very deep, small . . . I’ve met only two people in my entire life who could get blood out of me via my arms; everyone else has to use a butterfly needle on my hand. *rolls eyes* Anywho, wish me luck.

~ by lastcrazyhorn on March 30, 2008.

26 Responses to “Speaking of Autism Awareness . . .”

  1. Wow! Its beautiful.

  2. *blushes* Thx.

  3. I love that button! Giving blood is not my thing either. Luckily for me I gave blood once, it came back as “bad” blood, and I’m now banned forever!! Though I did end up going to the doctor for 4 weeks trying to find out what was so bad about my blood. There was nothing…healthy as a horse…just blood bank error.

    Goood luck!!!

  4. Good luck with the jab! I like your spectrum image.

  5. I love it. I really do.

  6. I love your design! I used to spend hours when I was younger making artwork very similar. I used to get teased a little, because of it, too. Who doesn’t love something that’s so perfectly symmetrical, and vibrantly colorful?

  7. That is very cool. 🙂

  8. That’s really pretty. I like it a lot.

  9. It is beautiful. I love the colours and so does my son.

  10. I love it! Awesome job.

  11. LOVE this! It’s truly fabulous! I want to have that on my desktop, wall, anywhere. Lovely to behold.

    My C is the same way with veins – seems like he’s always getting it in the hand. Good luck.


  12. Go ahead and borrow it! I wouldn’t mind a little link back maybe . . . lol . . . but you’re welcome to it. I made it to share.

    Thanks all.

    The siphoning went okay. Apparently I have slow blood. No, as I told them, my blood is on its own schedule just like the rest of me. I’ve just got one hell of a bruise now and I’m a bit nauseated. Bleah. lol

  13. I’ll take you up on your offer to borrow the image and I’ve got the link to this post saved.

  14. Woot!

  15. Very nice button. I have heard many people talk about how they don’t like the term spectrum either. I can’t think of how else to explain it though. What do you think?

    My veins are the worst.

  16. Thanks. *grins*

    I personally don’t have a problem with the word “spectrum,” but I think I could see why they might have one. I think some people would just prefer to be thought of as . . . people. 😛

    My veins are ornery just like the rest of me. *snorts*

  17. The image and buttons are great. I have one of them up on my blog.

    I used to give blood and plasma in college. The staff at the clinic used to love my veins. Now, whenever I need bloodwork done the lab techs have the worst time finding a good one.

  18. Isn’t that always the way??? lol

  19. First timer commentor! I just wanted to say I love your buttons! Very cool!! Can I have one?

  20. Please do! If you’d link back to this post though, it’d help explain it and spread the word. 🙂

  21. wow this is awesome, lch.

  22. *blushes* Thanks.

  23. Hi there……I love that image……are you allowing people to put it on their blogs? is there html code for it?

    Just wondering…..if so I’d love to put it on my blog……giving credit to you of course……

    Came to your blog from ballastexistenz……….

    I’m also autistic……….

    and I share a body with two others…….Athena and Ivan

    The Integral of athenivanidx

  24. Please e-mail me regarding your image of autism spectrum. It is beautiful!

  25. I kind of make fun of the rainbow because the biggest band is the “we dunno” band. It’s a handy visualization for helping people understand the flavors of autism, but so is spilling a five-pound bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

  26. Enjoyed going through your blog. Thank you for spreading the word. Fundraising to help families with special needs children, specifically autism, is the most difficult thing to do – because many do not know what it is all about.

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